Super good ingredients you should be feeding your senior dog

Super good ingredients you should be feeding your senior dog

Do you have an older dog? A well-balanced diet will help keep your dog feeling happy and healthy in their senior years. A good diet can support their immunity, energy levels and general health. But what are good ingredients for your dog, and what exactly should you be feeding an older dog?


A senior dog may experience an imbalance in their gut microbiome more so than dogs at other stages of their lives. The more populated and diverse your pupper’s gut microbiome is, the easier it will be to fight off common nasties.Harmful bacteria can create issues like chronic inflammation, metabolic disease and leaky gut syndrome (where bacterial toxins spread from the gut to the bloodstream causing poor health).


Prebiotics are soluble, indigestible fibre that occurs naturally and are known to lower inflammation, support gut health and reduce the risk of disease. Prebiotics feed the beneficial bacteria within the gut. There are prebiotic-rich foods that have health benefits your golden oldie may enjoy:


Great for the brain and nervous system, mushrooms also support the liver, heart, bladder and digestive tract. You can find Button Mushrooms in our Roo Bowl and Shiitake Mushrooms in our Chicken Bowl.

IMPORTANT: Wild mushrooms are a no-go for your dog. Whilst only a small amount of wild mushrooms are toxic, the ones that are toxic are very toxic, and it can be difficult to tell which mushrooms are toxic to dogs. If you are concerned that your pup has ingested a wild mushroom, contact your local vet immediately.

Chicory Root

Packed with inulin, Chicory root helps improve digestion and reduces inflammation.

Boswellia Serrata (AKA Frankincense)

The wise men were onto something. Not only is frankincense a prebiotic, but this botanical also reduces joint inflammation and supports digestion.

Marshmallow Root

This prebiotic botanical can help the gut in protecting against stomach ulcers and restore healthy gut wall function. Many people would consider Slippery Elm Bark Powder. However, Marshmallow is similar, more eco-friendly and sustainable.


Antioxidants help fight oxidative stress that can occur from an excess of free radicals. Antioxidant-rich foods include:

Burdock Root

Full of antioxidants and antidiabetic compounds.

Vitamin E

Essential for cell function and can help prevent the progression of age-related issues. You can find Vitamin E Oil in each of our signature recipes.


Known as the active compound in Turmeric, which you can find in our Turkey bowl and will increase the activity of several antioxidant enzymes when digested.


High in antioxidants, including the immunity-boosting antioxidant lutein, you can find spinach in our Chicken, Lamb & Turkey Bowls.

Pomegranate Peel Extract

This is a powerful antioxidant thanks to its polyphenolic compounds!


Omega-3’s as nature’s anti-inflammatory medicine

As your pupper ages, they may experience issues of chronic inflammation. Prolonged inflammation can affect immune function and can be linked to degenerative diseases. Omega-3s are packed with anti-inflammatory substances that can help reduce cognitive decline, keep joints healthy and boost the immune system. Omega-3 powerhouses include:

Green Lipped Mussels

A rich source of fatty acids and more bioavailable than fish oil. DYK you can feed pupper Green Lipped Mussels as a treat, as we have Mussel Munchies in our drool-worthy treat line-up?

Flaxseed Oil

An excellent anti-inflammatory that strengthens the immune system, aids kidney function and lowers blood pressure. You can find flaxseed oil in our Chicken, Beef, Turkey, Kangaroo and Fish Bowls.

Other key anti-inflammatory ingredients you can consider adding to your dog's diet:


With significant effects protecting against inflammatory diseases like inflammatory bowel disease, arthritis and even depression.

Eggshell membrane

This contains naturally occurring glycosaminoglycans and proteins essential for maintaining healthy joint and connective tissues.


Already an antioxidant, blueberries also contain vitamin C and silicon that helps strengthen bones and the connective tissue in joints. You can find blueberries in our Lamb Bowl.

Lyka: Filled with superfoods to make your senior pupper feel super good

We love our superfoods, and if we’re eating them, our puppers should be, too. Each of our signature recipes is bursting with superfoods, and you can be in the know with a deep dive into our extensive list of ingredients across each drool-worthy lineup!

We formulate our recipes to be complete and balanced for all breeds and ages, so you can rest assured that your senior pupper is getting everything they need with every nutrient-packed mouthful of Lyka.

Call our customer care team with questions about superfoods and always advise your vet what superfoods you use.

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