The benefits of adding fish oil to dog food

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Fish oil is found in all of our signature bowls, due to its impressive benefits to your dog’s health.

Like humans, puppers can’t produce omega-3 fatty acids themselves, so rely on their diet to get these key nutrients.

Why fish oil?

An important supplement in your pup’s diet, fish oil is found in the tissue of fatty fish and contains omega 3’s, which can assist in heart health, boosting immunity and reducing itchy and flaky skin.

High-quality and sustainable

Like our other ingredients, quality is key and we only use the highest quality fish oil, which is sourced from small fish such as sardines and anchovies. These fish are low in mercury, wild caught and sustainably harvested from reputable local suppliers.

What are the benefits of fish oil?

  • Fish oil is packed full of DHA and EPA – otherwise known as omega-3 essential fatty acids – that can help to improve cognitive function, memory and even the immune system.

  • Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, fish oil can help to support the look and feel of your pup’s skin and coat, as well as reduce dry and flaky skin and give them their glow back.

  • Fish oil can also help to protect your pupper’s joint fluid and cartilage. This is particularly important for senior pups, as well as those suffering with arthritis and hip dysplasia.

  • Fish oil is a great way to help with weight management and keep your pupper fit and healthy.

Is fish oil safe?

When served at the optimal, vet-approved dose, fish oil is safe for puppers. At Lyka, the amount we use has been determined by our co-founder and in-house Integrative Vet, Dr. Matthew Muir, alongside a team of Veterinary Nutritionists. We ensure our meals exceed the AAFCO Omega 6: Omega 3 ratio requirements of 30:1 to assist in the optimum ratio of anti-inflammatory properties.

We also adhere to FEDIAF’s stricter guidelines on extra vitamin E in high omega content diets. Like humans, dogs can take fish oil supplements, but some supplements can contain sweeteners or other unnecessary ingredients that aren’t beneficial for your dog. Obtaining fish oil from real fish will always trump in quality, and this is why we use both and always the highest quality.

Adverse reactions are generally considered to be very low in dogs that are intolerant to fish, but if you’re concerned about your pupper consuming fish oil or having an allergic reaction, always speak with your trusted vet.

Lyka: helping puppers thrive and live their best lives

All our recipes are bursting with ingredients rich in omega-3s. From fish oil to hemp seeds, flaxseed oil, kale, chia seeds, spinach and broccoli, we’ve got your pupper’s essential fatty acid intake covered. With each recipe carefully designed to benefit your pup from the inside out, you can rest easy knowing they are chowing down to the ultimate glow-up. Are you ready to make the switch to fresh?

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