Carrots: full of crunch and nutritious punch


Full of crunch and packing a nutritious punch of Vitamin A and Beta-carotene, carrots are one of the essential ingredients in our Chicken, Beef, Turkey and Fish bowls. We include these orange legends because they support dental, digestive and eye health.

What are carrots?

The humble carrot is anything but in our eyes. For us, they’re a tasty, top-tier vegetable that deserves to be recognised rather than forgotten at the bottom of the fridge. Typically, they’re an orange root vegetable (which we use!) but they also come in other colourful varieties including purple, white, yellow, red and even black.

The uglier, the better

At Lyka, we source our carrots from The Ugly Bunch to avoid waste. That means we say yes to the funkiest, weirdest-looking carrots because we value what’s on the inside, not the way they look. No matter how short and stumpy or bent they are or how many fingers they have, we’ll put them in our bowls because they’re filled with delicious nutrients your pupper needs. In some ways, the uglier the better.

How can carrots help your pupper?

Carrots can be a great source of potassium, Vitamin A, B and C! They are also full of beta-carotene that not only gives the vegetable its bright orange colour, but studies show that it can improve immune function and age-associated decline. Furthermore, Vitamin A and Beta-carotene support good vision, as well as skin and coat health.

Carrots are also rich in soluble fibres that help to manage blood cholesterol levels that benefit the heart. They’re also chock full of insoluble fibres that play a vital role in removing toxins from the colon, keeping your pupper’s digestive health in tip-top shape.

Lyka: packed full of human-grade, wholefood ingredients

At Lyka, we only use the highest quality, human-grade ingredients (yes, we’ve taste-tested our recipes!) sourced from local farmers, wherever we can. Made with love in our Aussie kitchens, we follow strict safety and hygiene protocols to meet the human-grade standards that set our meals apart and make us Australia’s best and freshest dog food.

Formulated by our in-house Integrative Veterinarian, Dr. Matthew Muir and a team of Veterinary Nutritionists, build a box today and make every mealtime count.

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