Kale: a nutritious superfood for your dog

Kale: a nutritious superfood for your dog | Lyka Pet Food Journal

When you look at kale you know it has to be a good for your body – and your pupper’s! Hidden in those dark green crinkly leaves are important nutrients such as iron to promote a healthy body and antioxidants galore to help protect your dog against disease. So let’s peel back the leaves and see what’s inside kale.

Benefits of kale for your dog:

dog kale

  • High levels of iron – which helps cells produce haemoglobin which your pup needs for healthy red blood cells. Haemoglobin helps transfer oxygen all around the body to give your pup the energy they need to stay active. It doesn’t stop there either, as iron is also responsible for helping many of the body’s enzymes function properly.

  • Antioxidants – they’re good for your dog because they help defend cells from damage caused by molecules known as free radicals. They also help reduce the effects of brain ageing and boost cell metabolism – which is why we love kale too!

  • Vitamin A – a vitamin that your pup needs for healthy vision and it supports immunity and cell function. It’s also important for pregnant and lactating dogs as it’s involved in foetal development and normal puppy development.

  • Vitamin K – you don’t hear about Vitamin K very often, but it has an important role in blood clotting, which is important if your pup is active and gets scrapes and scratches.

  • Anti-cancer – cruciferous vegetables (that includes kale) have been linked to cancer prevention in humans, which is another reason we think kale’s a great ingredient to add to our Lyka recipes.

Oxalic acid? We’ve got it covered!

Some people worry about oxalic acid in their kale because it can reduce the absorption of minerals such as calcium. To avoid this, we chop and steam our kale to neutralise the oxalic acid – and we also add ingredients like bone meal which are known to decrease oxalic acid absorption.

Kale’s a keeper at Lyka

dog kale

Kale’s so healthy, we love adding it to our Lyka meals. So, give your pup the benefits of kale and try a Starter Box today!

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