Why your dog should be munching on mushrooms

Fresh button mushrooms

We are very selective about which carbohydrates we add to our recipes, but button mushrooms are a big yes from Team Lyka. Bursting with a delicious flavour that intensifies when cooked, they are both dog and vet-approved when it comes to taste and nutrition.

Why you should be adding button mushrooms to your pup’s diet

Buttons assist in regulating your dog’s immune system and can help to control free radicals due to their high antioxidant content. They are also known to support and prevent allergies, cancer, and autoimmune diseases.

The beta-glucan and prebiotic content in these little babies may help to improve metabolism and protect your pup’s microbiome and gut health. They are low in fat and calories and a powerful source of Vitamin D, protein, and fibre. A rich source of healthy fats and digestive enzymes button mushrooms really are a power food.

They also contain important minerals including selenium, zinc, potassium, B complex and folic acid.

Are shiitake mushrooms good for dogs, too?

It is well known that shiitake mushrooms are good for humans, but they are also a great food for your pup. Native to East Asia and used in traditional herbal medicine shiitake mushrooms are packed with vitamins. They are high in vitamin B and D, zinc, selenium, iron, copper, and protein, including amino acid glutamine.

They will boost your dog’s immunity and have antiviral, anti-bacterial and antifungal properties. Like buttons they also contain beta-glucans which will support your dog’s gut health and their phytonutrient content can support heart health.

If your pup is prone to gaining weight adding shiitake mushrooms to their diet may help. The soluble fibre content in these mushrooms can help to increase satiety (the feeling of fullness).

Shiitake mushrooms are also good for your dog’s skin and coat and can improve skin healing. This is thanks to their selenium and zinc content. These trace elements can also reduce cancer and DNA damage and improve joint health.

Important: avoid wild mushrooms for your dog

Wild mushrooms are a no-go for your dog. We all know dogs love to sniff around and sometimes eat things they shouldn’t. Whilst only a small amount of wild mushrooms are toxic, the ones that are toxic are very toxic and it can be difficult to tell which mushrooms are toxic to dogs. If you are concerned that your pup has ingested a wild mushroom, contact your local vet immediately.

Locally grown and sourced

Fresh from farm to bowl, our mushies are grown and sourced locally from a dedicated and passionate family of mushroom farmers in Sydney. They are handled with the utmost care and are grown on a controlled, environmentally friendly farm, in a process that takes up to six months, with special attention taken to avoid disease and contamination.

SNACK TIP: mushrooms are a great snack for your pup when fed in moderation. They can be served both raw and cooked. If the latter, we recommend roasting or steaming them. And just make sure to not use any seasoning or additional toppings that you may add to your own mushroom-filled dishes! When it comes to your pup, plain is best.

Lyka: fresh, complete and balanced recipes for hungry puppers

You will find mushrooms in all of our signature recipes which include a mix of whole food ingredients. Our meals are vet-formulated by our in-house Integrative Vet and Lyka co-founder, Dr. Matthew Muir and are balanced to include an optimal mix of vegetables, protein, superfoods, vitamins and minerals. Each ingredient has been handpicked for its benefits to your pup. We use both button and shiitake mushrooms in our recipes. Try our new Kangaroo Bowl which includes button mushrooms!

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