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No two pups are the same — we can say this with confidence, having fed thousands of dogs across Australia. Each Lyka Bowl goes above and beyond nutritional standards, but there’s more you can do if you’re looking for a targeted solution.

Whether you’ve got an energetic puppy or a golden oldie (or anything in between!), here’s how you can support their unique needs by mixing and matching Lyka products.

For supple skin

For dogs with skin issues and allergies, an anti-inflammatory diet helps reduce inflammation, redness and irritation. Here’s what this looks like, according to our in-house qualified veterinary nurse, Louise Hawkins.

Base: Lyka’s Fish Bowl.

Our Fish Bowl is made from blue grenadier and sardines — a limited novel protein. It’s a hypoallergenic option made for dogs with a history of allergic reactions.

It’s rich in omega 3 and omega 6s, and surpasses AAFCO’s minimum requirements for: niacin and Vitamin A (by tenfold); Vitamin E4 and Vitamin D3 (by eightfold); and alpha-linolenic acid or ALA (by twofold).

Our Skin Supplement is brimming with anti-inflammatory ingredients and probiotics to support your dog’s skin. It’s got a high dose of omega-3 fatty acids, plus plenty of vitamins and minerals to strengthen immunity.

For pooches with sensitive skin, these treats are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin E, B3, B12, and D: as well as zinc and bioactives for healthy skin and coats.

  • Extra snacks: anything fishy, or pumpkin, flaxseed or coconut oil. These foods are bursting with vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids.

For peaceful pooches

The anxious pups in our pack respond best to ingredients with high amino acid content (known for its relaxing effects).

Our Turkey Bowl is high in amino acids like tryptophan, which helps your dog to stay calm in stressful situations. It also contains bioactives to manage inflammation.

Our Calm Supplement is chock full of probiotics, phytonutrients and micronutrients. This helps your dog to access the vitamins, minerals and energy needed to maintain overall health, which indirectly affects their stress response.

These long-lasting chews are great for pups with a little more nervous energy. This is because biting and chewing helps to relieve stress for dogs, as this action releases endorphins.

  • Extra snacks: eggs, sardines, almonds, walnuts and pumpkin seeds can assist with mood regulation, because they are high in tryptophan.

For strong joints

In older dogs, arthritis is common — but joint issues can affect pups of all ages. Regardless of your dog’s life stage or health status, it’s possible to safeguard their joint health through preventative nutrition.

Our Fish Bowl is low in calories, and high in omega 3s. It has anti-inflammatory ingredients like sardines and fennel seeds, and can support weight management as well as limiting strain on the joints.

Lyka’s Turkey Bowl contains turmeric as a key ingredient, which has evidence to suggest it relieves pain from osteoarthritis in dogs.

Lyka’s Joint Supplement is loaded with collagen, hyaluronic acid and calcium — to strengthen connective tissue (or cartilage). It’s high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients like Boswellia, rosehip extract and curcumin.

These treats are made for healthy joints, offering high amounts of Omega 3s to combat joint stiffness.

  • Extra snacks: fruits rich in antioxidants (think blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, apples) to reduce oxidative damage to your pup’s cells.

For dazzling dental health

Brushing your dog’s teeth is the best way to prevent dental disease — the most common health issue for dogs over the age of three. Certain foods can also contribute to a healthier environment in your pup’s mouth.

  • Base: all our recipes at Lyka!

Our meals are lightly cooked, with high levels of Vitamin E for dental health. A fresh, low-carb diet can help reduce the risk of dental disease for your dog. High carbohydrate foods (like kibble) have been linked to higher amounts of sugars in the mouth, which can lead to large amounts of plaque and inflammation over time.

Our Dental Supplements contain kelp, which defends against plaque and tartar formation. It does this by altering your dog’s saliva’s natural antibacterial properties. It also contains probiotics, curcumin and zinc chelate to minimise the presence of bad bacteria, and counters stinky breath with deodorising ingredients like parsley and coconut flakes.

These treats are great for gum massages, as they simulate the mechanical brushing of teeth. They’re made from bioavailable protein sources, to protect against inflammation in the mouth.

  • Extra snacks: coconut oil for its antimicrobial properties for oral health; carrots and apple slices because their crunchiness helps clean your dog’s teeth. Crunchy foods are great when they’re fresh and natural — some processed foods are thought to have dental benefits, but that’s not the case! Protect your pup’s chompers by feeding wholefood ingredients.

For worry-free weight management

Maybe you’ve read our weight guide, or your vet has suggested that your pup loses some weight. There are plenty of dietary changes you can make, with a focus on reduced fat and digestive health.

Kangaroo is a low-fat, low-carb source of protein — it’s the leanest in our meals line-up! Our Kangaroo Bowl is made from ethically sourced meat, and makes dogs feel fuller for longer while maintaining their lean muscle mass.

Your dog’s microbiome has a proven link with weight management. Lyka’s Digestion Supplement can support a healthy gut for your dog, maintaining a balance of beneficial bacteria for their wellbeing.

These treats are low in fat, making them the perfect go-to treat for pups needing to shed a few kilograms. They’re a great source of high-quality protein, as well!

  • Extra snacks: cucumbers and carrots! They’re a low-calorie, high-fibre choice — a satisfying snack to support weight loss.

For dependable digestion

Issues with digestion can make themselves known in a few ways, from flatulence to poos that don’t seem quite right — or they may just seem disinterested in their food. Here’s what you can do to level up their gut health for good.

Chicken is digestible for sensitive stomachs, because it contains lots of soluble fibre. Our Chicken Bowl is abundant in anti-inflammatory ingredients, preventing constipation and fermentation in the gut. As it is grain-free, this is also a suitable choice for pups with intolerances.

Your pup’s daily dose of gut goodness via a blend of digestion-supporting ingredients. Our Digestion Supps introduce billions of gut-friendly bacteria to your dog, and keep their microbiome balanced and diverse.

Our Chicky Chews are low in fat and perfect for dogs with sensitive tummies. They're a great way to add additional texture without upsetting stomachs.

  • Extra snacks: Greek yoghurt contains beneficial bacteria (like Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium) to restore gut balance, and sweet potato is rich in soluble fibre to regulate your pup’s bowel movements. This veggie is also a great source of prebiotics.

For clear cognition

Boredom can lead to behavioural issues in your dog, so it’s important to provide plenty of stimulation — while also offering foods to fuel an active brain. Here are some of the key nutrients and ingredients we use to maximise cognition for Lyka pups.

Our Lamb Bowl is full of ingredients to support the function of your dog’s central nervous system. This includes blueberries, which contains antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Our Digestion Supplement supports brain health and nerve function, being high in Vitamin B12 and Vitamin C.

These fishy treats are high in coenzyme Q10 for neurological health.

  • Extra snacks: blueberries and pumpkin contain compounds and antioxidants to promote your dog’s memory, brain health and overall cognitive function.

For healthy hearts

Diet has a strong link with heart health in dogs, with cardiovascular diseases especially common in pups over the age of ten. Here’s how you can use nutrition to protect your best friend’s ticker.

Our Beef Bowl is rich in heart-friendly amino acids while being low in sodium. This is a great option for dogs whose cardiac muscle needs a little bit more support, via some extra calories.

This supplement is full of anti-inflammatory benefits for the heart, with Vitamin C and E as the star of the show. These nutrients reduce oxidative stress and inflammation for the heart. It’s packed with antioxidants, polyphenols and anthocyanins — found in the turmeric and ginger we add.

Our Sardine Snaps are high in coenzyme Q10, which has benefits for your dog’s heart.

  • Extra snacks: foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids or B Vitamins, which can help promote heart function (look to spinach, broccoli, Brussell sprouts and sweet potato).

For impenetrable immunity

Did you know you can boost your dog’s immune system with a fresh, wholefood diet? Here’s how.

Our Chicken Bowl is full of phytochemicals (found in shiitake and basil) and contains plenty of essential amino acids to help produce immune cells and antibodies.

Our Lamb Bowl supports immunity through its bioactive compounds, found in ingredients like coconut and blueberries.

The gut-brain axis is key in modulating your dog’s immune system. Our Digestion Supplement helps to promote a balanced and diverse microbiome, protecting against any pathogens your pup encounters: whether it’s at home or at the dog park.

Beefy Bites contain a good dose of selenium to improve your dog's immunity and cognitive function.

  • Extra snacks: antioxidant-rich fruits like blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and apples. These neutralise harmful free radicals that pose a threat to your dog’s immunity, reducing oxidative stress and inflammation in the body.

For playful puppies

We love big puppy energy! To maintain your dog’s zest for life past puppyhood and into old age, here’s how you can support them with the best nutrients from early on.

Growing puppy tummies need foods that are easy to digest: making turkey the prime contender for their base meals. It’s teeming with calming amino acids and bioactive compounds (like turmeric), which can help ease any growing pains that your pup might experience.

The Puppy Multi Supplement is designed to give your pup the best possible start in life, with a holistic mix of Lyka’s Pupper Supps for Skin, Joints, Digestion and Anxiety.

Not only do these treats support growing muscles and bones: they’re gentle on the tummy, low in fat and calories, and high in protein and essential amino acids. This makes them the perfect treat for training, without overfeeding.

  • Extra snacks: carrots! They’re full of beta-carotene (which converts into Vitamin A), helping to arm them with a strong immune system as they explore the world with their senses.

For spritely seniors

Give your senior the best quality of life by targeting areas of health that are known to decline, like mobility, immunity and digestion. Here are some key nutrients and ingredients to support them.

As dogs get older, their senses reduce. Our aromatic Fish Bowl is made from quality wild-caught protein and has the optimal omega 6:3 ratio for tip-top wellbeing.

For the older pooches in our pack, our Senior Multi Supplement is designed to support an ageing immune and digestive system, while promoting limber joints and oral health.

They’re full of omega-3 and other nutrients (like chondroitin sulfate) to support healthy joints and connective tissue.

  • Extra snacks: blueberries and pumpkin, because they’re rich in antioxidants to support memory and cognition.

Understanding your dog’s specific needs

When deciding on the best diet for your dog, it can help to have a discussion with your vet — or Lyka’s friendly Customer Care team. Here are some general guidelines you can keep in mind.

How does my dog’s breed impact their health?

Large breeds are more susceptible to joint issues: our experts suggest feeding them a low-calorie diet to reduce strain, as well as feeding active ingredients like turmeric and omega-3.

Small breeds are known to have more skin issues or anxiety, so make sure their diet is rich in mood supporting amino acids, tryptophan, and Vitamin D and E.

While breed is a valuable clue in understanding your dog’s needs, it’s not the only thing to factor in. This is why breed specific formulations are often a marketing ploy — they overlook any other health requirements that your dog may have. Lyka is designed by our in-house veterinary nutritionists to be complete and balanced for all breeds.

Environmental factors

Depending on the climate of your home’s location, your dog may have specific nutritional requirements.

In warmer climates like Australia (or during the summer), dogs need to stay hydrated with a diet rich in moisture. Dry food diets have a lower water content than fresh food: this is worth bearing in mind if your pup is dehydrated!

In cooler conditions, a dog’s body heat needs to increase — which is why their metabolism increases, requiring more food or caloric density. Foods with higher fat content will support their elevated need for energy, helping them to stay warm and active.

Give your dog the power of wholefoods with Lyka

At Lyka, our products are filled with purposeful human-grade ingredients. We source our wholefoods here in Australia, with recipes formulated by a team of Board-Certified Veterinary Nutritionists and based on longstanding scientific evidence, led by our co-founder Dr Matthew Muir.

It all starts with one bowl… are you ready to build a preventative powerhouse for your pup’s health?

This article was reviewed by Lyka's veterinary and nutrition experts

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