The Healthy Dog Food Subscription
Clean Ingredients
Customised Servings
Delivered to your Door
You eat healthy
Why doesn’t your dog?
Here at Lyka, clean ingredients matter
We believe that to produce something great, you need to start with something great. That’s why all of our ingredients are nutrient-dense wholefoods, which are combined to produce complete and balanced bowls for your dog. We have four ingredient promises:
Human Grade
 Higher quality ingredients than what is considered pet feed grade. Each ingredient in Lyka can be consumed by humans.
Australian Produce
Meat & veg sourced fresh from local suppliers, grown to meet our high Australian standards. We call this Farm to Bowl.
No Fillers or Nasties
No wheat, soy or corn. Every ingredient has a purpose. Nothing artificial is added. Fresh, nutritious and tasty food on its own.
Ethically Sourced
Grass-fed beef and Free-range chicken & eggs. Lyka’s meat is ethically raised and provides superior nutrition for your dog.

Your dog’s subscription is customised & prepared to order
Personalised Profile
Tell us your dog’s information upon subscription. Because every pup is different.
Customised Servings
We calculate your dog’s perfect serving size thanks to our scientific algorithm.
Freshly Prepared
We prepare your dog’s food in small batches, on demand. Goodbye preservatives.
Not wet food
Not dry food
Just fresh food
Enjoy regular deliveries that make your life easy
Receive your deliveries
Your box will arrive every few weeks, freshly prepared just days before
Store food at home
Store the packets in your freezer and unfreeze before serving
Feed the custom packets
Each packet is the right serving size for your pup: simply serve
Let us know if things change
Manage subscription changes, pauses and cancellation on our website

See what our pack members have to say:
Ralph absolutely loves his Lyka food. I’ve never seen him get this excited at meal times and eat so quickly before! After he finishes his meal, he licks the bowl clean and begs for more.
Ralph & his human, Valentina
Donnie enjoys the Lyka food and he gets much more excited at meal times than he did with his previous food. I even noticed improvement with his coat after only 1 week eating Lyka
Donnie & his human, Lawrence
Our Golden Retriever puppy Penny loves Lyka Pet Food! The food is great quality and tailored to her age and activity level.
Penny & her humans, Scott & Lauren
lyka human
lyka dog
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