Lamb Bark


Light and easy breezy to snap, our Lamb Bark treats are bound to deliver plenty of lip smackin’ goodness for your pupper.

High in protein and low in fat, Lamb Lung is rich in vitamins and minerals, making it the perfect choice for strong bones and healthy muscle growth.

Treat Tips

Bursting with nutritional goodness, these treats can help to breathe new life into meal and training time.

Easy to snap

These treats are light and easy to snap into your preferred size, making them great for training on the go - hello park playdate!

Extra crunch

Snap these light and airy treats into small pieces to add some extra munch and crunch to your pupper’s favourite Lyka meal.

Hear it straight from our pack

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Hear it straight
from our pack


Simply build a box, then add treats to your plan!

Choose your flexible meal plan and add some tasty treats.

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