The man behind our recipes: Meet Lyka co-founder, Dr. Matthew Muir

Dr Matthew Muir and Lyka the dog

Growing up in the country surrounded by animals, Lyka co-founder Matthew Muir, knew from the tender age of three that he wanted to be a vet.

Resources and access to veterinary medicine was limited in his hometown, which meant there was a huge focus on nutrition when it came to caring for his animals. Little did he know that this early insight into nutrition and experience in natural feeding, would completely shape his future and set Matthew on a path that he continues to carve out to this day.

Education and experience

Graduating from Charles Sturt University in 2010 with a double degree in Veterinary Science and Veterinary Biology, along with first-class Honours, Dr. Matthew Muir has practised as a vet in both Australia and the U.K. He has travelled extensively exploring animal health around the world, and prior to graduation, even completed a one-year field research project on the microbiome. Always eager to learn and develop his skills, he undertook further studies in Sustainable Food Development and completed a volunteer program at Taronga Wildlife Hospital, and to this day, continues to advocate for animal conservation at Planet Decent.

Veterinary life

A practising Vet for 11 years now, Dr. Matthew – or Dr. Matt as he is affectionately known by his clients – is taking it upon himself to educate pet owners around Australia and the world, on the benefits of natural feeding and a healthy diet.

“In a world where we are putting so much emphasis on our own health, and looking for ways to eat more naturally and holistically, it makes sense for pet guardians to want to do the same for their furry family members."

— Dr Matthew Muir, Lyka co-founder and Integrative Veterinarian

A Clinical Director at his own veterinary practice, All Natural Vet Care, in Sydney’s Inner West, Dr. Matt’s clients travel far and wide for his knowledge and proven success in holistic pet health.

“The power of good food cannot be underestimated. So, it’s really amazing to see that pet owners are embracing the world of natural feeding by working with nature and not against it; implementing preventative measures rather than always needing to be reactive.”

— Dr Matthew Muir, Lyka co-founder and Integrative Veterinarian

Then there was Lyka!

As a passionate advocate for animals, the decision to join forces with Lyka founder, Anna Podolsky in 2018, was an easy one for Dr. Matt. Sharing the same passion for dogs and dog nutrition, Dr. Matt has been able to use his veterinary expertise and incredible life experiences to help formulate Lyka’s whole food recipes and guide the Lyka pack on their journey to a fresh and more natural way of feeding.

“Each day in my clinic, I see the results that a fresh food diet can bring, and I am so pleased to see that so many Australian pet guardians are embracing whole foods and seeing those incredible changes firsthand, thanks to Lyka’s human-grade recipes."

— Dr Matthew Muir, Lyka co-founder and Integrative Veterinarian

Big things are happening

Dr. Matthew continues to make waves in the world of natural feeding, and in 2021, made his debut on the cover of Vet Practice Magazine and was even recognised by renowned Integrative and Wellness Veterinarian, Dr. Karen Becker from Healthy Pets.

Listen to Dr. Matt discuss his passion for pet nutrition, conservation and the valuable mentorship of up-and-coming veterinarians below.

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