Pupper Parent Spotlight: Fenton and Anne-Marie

Cavoodle dog

At eight years old, Fenton the Cavoodle has dealt with a number of health issues, issues that were having a huge impact on his life and happiness.

Discover how Lyka’s fresh recipes have helped and changed the lives of Fenton and his pupper parent, Anne-Marie!

Meet Fenton

A very welcome addition to the family, particularly when it came to building the male quota, Fenton instantly settled right in with his new pupper parents, Anne-Marie and Steve.

“Fenton is the son that we never had. He loves walks at the dog park, playing with his favourite toy, “Tugga” and stealing socks!”

— Anne-Marie, Fenton's fur mama

Fenton is also the big brother to four-year-old Schnoodle, Lulu, who is full of sass, attitude and has the biggest heart.

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Serious health issues

When Fenton was about a year old, he became seriously ill and was ultimately diagnosed with pancreatitis, a condition where the pancreas becomes inflamed and can cause severe lethargy, abdominal pain, reduction in appetite and vomiting.

“Fenton was immediately put onto a prescription, low-fat diet and we supplemented this with steamed chicken breast. Since then, he has had several severe bouts that have required extended veterinarian care and we came very close to losing him on a few occasions.”

— Anne-Marie, Fenton's fur mama

When Fenton met Lyka

In 2021, a friend of Anne-Marie’s found Lyka while searching for high quality, nutrient-rich foods for her own fur babies.

“I decided to give it a try, too. So, I completed the questionnaire online that suggested the best meals for Fenton based on his medical conditions, size and exercise levels.”

— Anne-Marie, Fenton's fur mama

Whilst initially nervous to start a new diet in case it made Fenton sick again, the feedback and experience of Lyka from Anne-Marie’s friend was enough to convince her to give it a go.

“The new food arrived frozen in a well packaged and sustainable box, and there were even probiotics included to help transition Fenton onto his new food. He took to it straight away and experienced no problems at all, much to my surprise!”

— Anne-Marie, Fenton's fur mama

Both Fenton and Lulu are now part of the Lyka pack and haven’t looked back.

“Both of our puppies LOVE Lyka and cannot eat it fast enough. Whilst preparing their meals, I remember back to Fenton’s old diet that was beige and bland, and surely must have tasted the same every day. Their Lyka meals on the other hand, are full of colour and texture – and I can only assume taste amazing.”

— Anne-Marie, Fenton's fur mama

The extra licks of an empty bowl seem to indicate so!

Dogs in trolley at Bunnings

Happy, healthy pupper

Since transitioning to Lyka, Fenton has never been healthier or happier.

“He hasn’t been ill since starting his new fresh food diet, and now walks with a bounce in his step and he’s constantly wagging his tail – it’s just amazing to see."

— Anne-Marie, Fenton's fur mama

The other thing that Anne-Marie has been impressed by? Fenton’s poop! Both he and Lula now have well-formed, regular poop thanks to a complete and balanced diet that helps with digestion and gut health.

“One other incredible benefit that we are so grateful for, is that it’s so easy to give Fenton his medication mixed in with his Lyka. He used to be the Houdini of evading medication of any flavour, size and type, but now he just gulps it down and it’s a far less stressful experience for all of us.”

— Anne-Marie, Fenton's fur mama

For Anne-Marie, Steve, and their pups, Fenton and Lulu, mealtime and prep has become so easy.

“You simply defrost the pouch, peel it open and spoon it into the bowl – healthy eating has never been easier. Initially, it may not seem cost-friendly, but when you calculate the cost of prescription food, chicken and time spent preparing there really is very minor difference and Lyka has made the world of difference to our family.”

— Anne-Marie, Fenton's fur mama

Woman and Cavoodle selfie

Lyka: complete and balanced for puppers with pancreatitis

Lyka’s recipes are vet-approved by our co-founder and in-house Integrative Vet, Dr. Matthew Muir, and crafted alongside a Veterinary Nutritionist to ensure they are complete and balanced for all life stages. We are proud to use high-quality, human-grade ingredients in each of our recipes and for puppers suffering with pancreatitis, we include many pancreatitis-friendly ingredients such as chicken, turkey, kelp, psyllium seed husk, shiitake mushrooms and turmeric. If your dog has had a history of pancreatitis it may be worth considering a diet change. Please always consult with your trusted vet before making any dietary changes.

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