Lyka story: Roxy and Sybil's age-defying secret

Two small senior dogs running on beach

Keeping your senior pupper excited at dinner time can be a challenge, especially if they’ve been a fussy eater since a young age. As a dog ages, their appetite decreases and they lose their sense of taste and smell, so it is not uncommon to see our golden oldies turn their nose up on food they previously consumed. Our Lyka customer Michelle Welton shared her story about her struggle to find the right food for her senior furry family members, Roxy and Sybil, and how her encounter with Lyka changed their declining health.

Tell us about your Lyka puppers!

Roxy and Sybil have been a part of our family for many many years. Mark and I adopted Roxy at 6 weeks old before we started our family 13 years ago and we adopted Sybil at 6 weeks old before our daughter Mary Mae was born, 11 years ago.

Two small dogs sleeping in adjacent beds
First day in Australia 6 years ago (Roxy 7 years and Sybil 5 years)

Roxy and Sybil started their Australian journey back in 2013 when our family made the decision to immigrate from South Africa. Roxy was 7 years young and Sybil was 5 years young at the time. This journey was a long one for them. They spent 6 months in a home-based quarantine in South Africa with their “Granny” before embarking on a three-day flight to Australia. We could not wait to have our family complete after being separated from them for 6 months. The day arrived and we collected them at Spotswood quarantine facility. These two girls have had such a love of life, they immediately bounced back from the big journey and it was as if they’d always been here.

What initially drew you to try Lyka?

We have always battled to find a dog food that both Roxy and Sybil enjoyed. Both girls have been fussy eaters and we tried every vet brand and a formula food on the market. As the two girls started to age, we noticed a rapid decline in their health. This was hard for us, as they are naturally very active and fun loving dogs. We knew we needed to find a better solution. We then stumbled upon Lyka Dog Food online.

What changes did you see in Roxy and Sybil after changing to Lyka?

Honestly, since the very first meal, they have been hooked. Their health has improved so much and since day one, they both do spins and back-flips when they see the pouches come out the fridge. Not only do Roxy and Sybil love the Lyka, but our Daughter, Mary Mae, enjoys a taste tester when she prepares their food. The Lyka food has been kid approved….big thumbs up.

Child eating Lyka dog food
Mary Mae testing before her feeding duties

At ages 13 and 11, both Roxy and Sybil are back to enjoying active walks and chase their ball as if they are young again, thanks to Lyka dog food. I have attached here quite a number of photos to show how they have seemingly defied their age. I think they look as good today as the day they arrived in Australia 6 years ago.

Two small senior dogs walking on grass
Roxy (13 years) and Sybil (11 years) blissful on a walk

Lyka, your definite choice to healthy aging

At Lyka, we believe that eating fresh, natural foods is the key to optimal health and wellness, especially for our golden oldies. That is why we make our food with fresh, high quality, minimally processed ingredients. See how we can help pupper live their senior years at their fullest.

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