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Life-changing food for senior dogs

As your dog enters their golden years, they need a more thoughtful approach to preventative care.

Lyka’s healthy meals are designed to embrace healthy ageing. Each meal contains nutrients that help promote immunity and joint health, and support better digestion.

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Real food for optimal nutrition and disease prevention

A slower pace is a normal part of senior life, but chronic illness doesn’t have to be an inevitable part of growing old.  

Developed by Co-founder Integrative Veterinarian, Dr Matthew Muir alongside board-certified veterinary nutritionists, Lyka meals are designed to provide optimal nutrition to proactively improve health and wellbeing and prevent the onset of chronic illness. 

Encourages strong joints

Reduces inflammation and promotes mobility with powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredients in every bite. Great for pups with stiff joints and arthritis.

Promotes good gut health

Aids digestion for sensitive stomachs with real food meals rich in bioavailable nutrients for easy absorption.

Improves immune defence

Supports and harmonises the microbiome, the system responsible for moderating the immune system, with prebiotic food and dietary fibre.

Boosts hydration

Avoids dehydration with gently cooked meals that retain maximum nutritional value and water content.

Manages weight and body shape

Maintains a healthy weight with personalised portions based on your dog’s breed, age, health and energy levels.

Hear about senior support from Lyka’s experts

“As dogs age, their metabolism and nutritional needs change. Lyka meals contain nutrient-dense real food with an optimal balance of protein, fat, fibre, minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients which can assist their transition to senior life and even delay some progressive conditions.”
“Many health conditions that are common in senior dogs, like arthritis and obesity can be impacted by nutrition. A nutritionally complete diet rich in antioxidants, quality protein and omega 3 can help support overall health and potentially reduce the risk or severity of certain health conditions.”

Better for them. Easier for you.

Healthier dog food, delivered conveniently on a flexible plan.

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Enjoy total flexibility and control

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Active ingredients for a long and healthy life

Life-changing meals made from real food ingredients with multiple health benefits for senior dogs.

96% of dogs' health improves with Lyka

With over 27 million Lyka meals devoured around the country, thousands of senior pups are thriving in their golden years.
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Senior Multi Supplements for boosted health and wellbeing

Lyka Senior Multi Supplements enhance the benefits of Lyka meals with active real food ingredients and powerful superfoods to support their joint health, digestion, oral health and immune defence.

Your senior FAQs, answered

Does Lyka have meals specifically for seniors?

Lyka meals contain an abundance of real food macro and micronutrients suitable for all dogs at life stages, including senior dogs.

When you sign up to get your plan, you create your dog’s profile with information such as date of birth, breed, weight and activity level. Their portions are customised using this information.

Is Lyka suitable for joint problems like arthritis and inflammation?

Yes. Lyka meals contain active ingredients to support your dog’s mobility and combat the further deterioration of their stiff and swollen joints, making them an excellent choice of dog food for arthritis.

Powerful anti-inflammatory ingredients like turmeric, fish oil and ginger reduce painful swelling, while antioxidants in broccoli, spirulina and fennel seeds minimise cellular damage to the joint tissue.

All our meals contain fish oil rich in omega-3 essential fatty acids for strong and healthy joints, and improved mobility.

Is Lyka suitable for overweight senior dogs?

Yes. When dogs age, they’re often less active and gain weight easily — a common problem among senior pups.

The best dog food for weight loss should provide the right nourishment and energy that their body needs in controlled portions.

Lyka personalise your dog’s portions based on their requirements. With support from our Customer Care team, you can adjust the meal selections and sizes as your dog loses weight. Speak with your vet to establish a weight-loss plan first.

Lyka meals contain low glycaemic index (GI) carbohydrates like purple sweet potato and butternut squash to provide consistent energy levels without risking weight gain. We avoid high-GI carbohydrates like wheat and corn, often found in high proportions in commercial dog food which can lead to dogs becoming overweight and obese.

Is Lyka suitable for senior dogs with allergies?

Yes. Lyka Lamb, Fish, Kangaroo and Turkey meals are considered hypoallergenic because they contain a single protein plus fish oil, and the Kangaroo and Turkey are novel protein meals making them ideal for dogs with food allergies or intolerances.

Each meal contains selected prebiotic ingredients to nourish your dog’s microbiome, which is responsible for their immune system response. Powerful antioxidants and omega-3 anti-inflammatory ingredients also support your dog’s defence against common allergens.

All Lyka meals are made from real food so you know exactly what’s in your dog’s bowl.

Is Lyka suitable for senior dogs with sensitive stomachs?

Yes. Lyka meals are made from real food, gently cooked so they’re easy to digest and retain their nutritional value. Dogs with gastrointestinal problems need highly nutritious food to replace the nutrients they lose when they’re sick.

A robust digestive system needs a balanced microbiome full of healthy microorganisms that aid digestion and regulate the immune system. Lyka meals are full of prebiotic dietary fibre to nourish the microbiome and produce healthy bowel movements.

Is Lyka suitable for pancreatitis?

Yes, it is. The Lyka Kangaroo meal is ultra-low fat and suitable for dogs with pancreatitis. The Chicken meal is also low-fat, and the Fish and Turkey meals are low-moderate fat, which may be appropriate for dogs with mild pancreatitis.

We recommend consulting with your vet on any changes to their diet and following a slow transition to Lyka.

Is Lyka suitable for kidney disease?

The conventional veterinary recommendation for renal disease is a low protein and low phosphorus diet, which Lyka doesn't currently offer.

If you'd like to try Lyka, consider consulting with a holistic veterinarian who can supervise dietary changes suitable for dogs with kidney disease.

Is Lyka suitable for liver disease?

Liver disease is a complex illness, and each case is different. We recommend speaking to your vet about the suitability of Lyka real food meals for your pup.

Is Lyka suitable for heart disease?

If your dog has a history of cardiac concerns, Lyka could be a good fit for them.

Lyka meals are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants beneficial to canine heart health, and we avoid simple, high glycaemic index (GI) carbohydrates that can trigger metabolic inflammation in your dog’s body.

All our meals are low in sodium, but if your dog requires severe sodium restriction, avoid Lyka's Lamb Bowl.

Should my senior dog eat grain-free food?


Grain-free dog food may sound like a healthy choice but take a closer look at the other ingredients before making that decision.

Dogs don’t have a dietary requirement for carbohydrates and too many high-glycaemic index (GI) carbs like wheat and corn may trigger health concerns including diabetes, gastrointestinal issues, and oral health problems.

Grain-free dog food initially meant high protein and low carbohydrate real food ingredients with many reported health benefits.

However, when commercial brands began to produce grain-free dry and wet food, they were still ultra-processed and often contained a high proportion of high-GI carbohydrates, like white potatoes and legumes. High proportions of legumes in a dog’s diet have been connected to taurine deficiency and an increased risk of dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM).

All Lyka meals are legume-free and exceed nutritional standards for optimal health. If you’re looking for the best grain-free senior dog food the Lyka Chicken, Beef, Fish and Kangaroo meals are grain-free and use low-GI carbohydrates like butternut squash and purple sweet potatoes for their nutrients.

The Turkey and Lamb meals contain quinoa, which is technically a seed but often regarded as an ancient grain, so wouldn’t be considered ‘grain-free’. Quinoa is a lower glycaemic index ingredient used in small amounts making these meals high protein, low carbohydrate and likely to be as beneficial as grain-free food was originally designed to be.

Should my dog be on a breed-specific diet?

Lyka meals are designed to exceed the nutritional requirements for all dogs, including small or large breeds. Some breeds may benefit from select Lyka meals — the Lyka Customer Care team are available to provide more detailed advice and support for your pup.

Lyka's nutrition philosophy

100% real ingredients

All our ingredients are made for human consumption. Yes, we taste-test them ourselves!


Each meal is designed by our co-founder and Integrative Veterinarian, Dr. Matthew Muir, alongside a team of Board-Certified Veterinary Nutritionists.

Australian-made & owned

Every meal is made locally, with 85-97% of ingredients sourced here in Australia.

Delivered fast & fresh

Cooked fresh and delivered snap frozen to lock in nutrition and taste without preservatives. Meals are delivered directly to your door, delivery included.

Green in name & nature

Proud to be a Certified B Corp and Australia’s only carbon and plastic-negative dog food company.

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