Lyka Story: How fresh dog food got fussy Ira eating regularly again

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Love at first sight, Aish knew that Ira the Maltese Shih Tzu would be the perfect companion for her when they first met almost 7 years ago.

And whilst this gorgeous little pup offered a tremendous amount of love and support, Ira was fussy and didn’t enjoy mealtime. That is until her fur mama discovered the benefits of fresh dog food.

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Finding Ira

“I was on the lookout for a dog for nearly 18 months after my doctor recommended a furry friend to help reduce my stress levels. I didn’t want to go to a breeder or a pet shop, but finally after many months of searching for a dog that was apartment-friendly and anti-allergenic, I found her. All of six weeks old, she leapt onto my shoulders and I have known only happiness since.”

— Aish, Ira's fur mama

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Named after the mother of the royal elephant in the Hindu mythology, Iravathy – or Ira as she’s more commonly known – was the perfect addition to her new forever home.

Just like a little snowball, she was perfect in every way – she didn’t even bark, with so many people thinking she was a stuffed toy as she was so well behaved. To this day, she loves running around the park, playing fetch or having a quiet day in front of the TV watching Netflix. She’s very sassy and also a very clever pupper, with the ability to respond to her fur mama’s commands in both Tamil and English!

But, as much as Ira was the perfect pup, mealtime was not a fun experience for Ira or her fur mama.

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A fussy eater...

“Both my husband and I were raised vegetarian, so we don’t know how to cook meat, but this has never stopped me from feeding meet to Ira, which she eats in the form of kibble. However, she was never interested in it, and my husband and I would have to sit next to her and nudge her to eat. No one could move an inch as she nibbled her food or that would be the end of dinner. ”

— Aish, Ira's fur mama

Aish even tried giving Ira raw meat, but she turned her nose up at it. Mealtime was becoming increasingly frustrating and Aish worried that Ira wasn’t getting all the nutrients she needed. But, this all changed after Aish received a sample of Lyka from a friend who was a longstanding Lyka pack member. For the first time in her life, Ira finish her food within minutes.

Small black and white dog eating

To a food-loving pup!

“We haven’t looked back since that day and come 5:30pm, Ira demands dinner. She has gone from being a very fussy eater to being a food-loving pup.”

— Aish, Ira's fur mama

Black and white dog looking into Lyka delivery box

Not only is Ira eating again and actually enjoying her food, but both Ira and Aish are enjoying the amazing health benefits that come with being on a fresh food diet, including good digestion, solid poop and healthier teeth.

“Ira’s coat is smooth as silk now and her poop is consistent and stink-free. Her dental health is so much better and overall, she’s just so much happier!”

— Aish, Ira's fur mama

Black and white dog sniffing Lyka pouches

Lyka: bursting with goodness and variety for fussy pups

Made with human-grade whole food ingredients, each of our five signature recipes are bursting with delicious and nutrients ingredients that are sure to get tongues and tails wagging. From butternut squash to kale, kelp, blueberries and the highest quality protein we can get our paws on, Lyka is sure to help your pup look and feel their best, and get them excited for mealtime. Are you ready to kickstart your fresh food journey?

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