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Life-changing food for your new puppy

Choosing the right diet for your puppy can be overwhelming (not to mention a lot of pressure!) — good nutrition in puppyhood sets them up for a lifetime. 

Lyka’s meals are formulated to give your puppy the very best start in life by supporting development during early growth stages and beyond.

Real puppy food formulated for each development stage

The best food for puppies is made with real, nutrient-dense ingredients that promote physical growth, brain development and strong immunity. 

Developed by Co-founder and Integrative Veterinarian, Dr Matthew Muir alongside board-certified veterinary nutritionists, Lyka meals are designed to support your puppy’s development and help them grow into a strong, healthy adult.

Rich in nutrients to support each growth stage of puppyhood and beyond

A vet-recommended diet tailored to your puppy’s early development ensures they grow at the right rate, and stay alert and active.

Encourages strong bones and muscles, a strong immune system and a healthy brain

Lyka's meals are rich in high-quality protein and good fats for bone and muscle growth. High-quality ingredients influence a strong and diverse gut microbiome that supports your puppy’s immune system and brain development.

Custom portioned to ensure optimal growth rate

Custom serving sizes that increase as they grow to avoid excess calories or a calcium imbalance which can affect normal growth and cause health problems like hip dysplasia.

Exceeds AAFCO and FEDIAF nutritional requirements

Macro and mineral ratios that encourage the healthy development of your puppy’s mind and body. Each meal contains the optimum calcium-to-phosphorus ratio for puppies.

Hear about puppy nutrition from Lyka’s experts

"Lyka gives puppies a healthy start by going above and beyond nutritional standards. Independent evidence that shows real food rich in superfoods and omega 3 can help prevent diseases like IBD, ear infections and allergic skin disease, which is a game changer for dog nutrition."
"Prioritising high-quality nutrition in puppies ensures they’re getting the required nutrients in the correct amounts, along with enough calories to support their growing energy requirements. It also helps reduce the risk of developing some chronic diseases later in life."

Better for them. Easier for you.

Healthier dog food, delivered conveniently on a flexible plan.

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Perfectly portioned.

Just peel and serve.


Choose your flexible meal plan

Get a custom meal plan based on your dog’s health needs.


Cooked daily, delivered direct

Meals are prepared daily, snap-frozen and delivered direct.


Enjoy total flexibility and control

Switch up meals, skip an order, pause, delay or cancel.

Active ingredients to support puppy growth and development

Lyka meals are full of ingredients chosen for their targeted health benefits to nourish your puppy.
The supplement ingredients including carrots, ginger and mushrooms
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Puppy Supplements for targeted developmental support

Optimise your growing puppy’s health with Lyka’s Puppy Multi. It amplifies the benefits of Lyka meals with active ingredients like detoxifying Burdock root extract, Omega-3-rich Green-lipped mussels, Inulin extract and Probiotic BL-999 to support immune function, skin, musculoskeletal and cognitive development.

Loved by our littlest ones

With over 27 million Lyka meals devoured around the country, thousands of puppies are thriving on Lyka.
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Your puppy FAQs, answered

Does Lyka have meals specifically for puppies?

Lyka meals go above and beyond nutritional standards, and are suitable for every breed and life stage. Each meal is developed to ensure your puppy gets everything they need to grow happy and healthy. There’s no need to switch your puppy to “adult food”.

Both adults and puppies require certain amounts of protein, fats, vitamins and minerals as part of their diet. As puppies grow and develop, their requirements are higher than adults, which means they need higher quantities of the same food.

Lyka creates personalised portions for your puppy and goes beyond the minimum requirements with more omega, calcium and protein than what is suggested for adult dogs (while maintaining safe levels). As your puppy grows into an adult, these portions are adjusted based on their unique requirements, making Lyka perfect for puppies and adults.

How much food should I feed my puppy?

Your puppy’s serving size is customised based on their profile details like breed, weight and activity level using Lyka’s algorithm to best suit their needs for each growth milestone.

Your puppy’s serving sizes are slowly adjusted as they hit key growth milestones (emailed to you during your first week). Updating your puppy’s weight as they grow in your online dashboard automatically updates their serving size based on their new weight.

Have a question? Ask our helpful Customer Care team.

Is Lyka suitable for my large or giant breed puppy?

Yes, Lyka's meals have been formulated by our in-house Integrative Veterinarian, Dr Matthew Muir, alongside a team of board-certified veterinary nutritionists, to be below the 1.5:1 calcium-to-phosphorus ratio threshold.

Portion control and slow growth feeding help support correct bone formation and minimise the risk of joint dysplasia in large and giant breed puppies. With Lyka, your puppy receives customised, portion-controlled meals that support slow and steady growth.

Lyka supports joint health with ingredients like Fish Oil, Sardines and Flaxseed oil, bursting with Omega-3 goodness to keep joints healthy. Meals also contain a variety of vegetables and plant superfoods with antioxidants and phytochemicals, which help protect joints and joint fluid by decreasing cellular damage.

Which Lyka meals are best for puppies?

When starting your puppy on Lyka, try a mix of Beef, Chicken, Kangaroo, Lamb, Fish and Turkey meals for a wide range of nutrients and varied fat, protein and carbohydrate levels to support your puppy’s growth and development.

Each puppy is different, so make sure to monitor their growth against their set milestones.

If your puppy eats a high proportion of Lyka’s leaner, fat-restricted meals like Kangaroo, Fish and Chicken, keep an eye on their growth.

If they aren't hitting their growth milestones as expected, try feeding more moderate-high fat meals like Beef, Lamb and Turkey or increasing their pouch size.

Chat with Lyka's Customer Care team if you’d like to discuss your puppy’s body condition score, along with meal and portion recommendations.

Lyka's nutrition philosophy

100% real ingredients

All our ingredients are made for human consumption. Yes, we taste-test them ourselves!


Each meal is designed by our co-founder and Integrative Veterinarian, Dr. Matthew Muir, alongside a team of Board-Certified Veterinary Nutritionists.

Australian-made & owned

Every meal is made locally, with 85-97% of ingredients sourced here in Australia.

Delivered fast & fresh

Cooked fresh and delivered snap frozen to lock in nutrition and taste without preservatives. Meals are delivered directly to your door, delivery included.

Green in name & nature

Proud to be a Certified B Corp and Australia’s only carbon and plastic-negative dog food company.

Your turn to experience Lyka’s life-changing effects!

Join thousands of thriving Lyka puppies growing into strong, healthy and happy adults.