How the switch from kibble to real food transformed Maya’s skin

Maya Lyka Story

When 6-month-old Maya developed skin and digestion issues, her parents switched from dry food to Lyka and her health transformed.  

Asako and her husband grew up with dogs in their families and always dreamed of getting their own dog one day. After plenty of discussion and a permanent move to Australia, the timing was right to welcome a puppy into their home.  

When they first saw Maya’s bright eyes and happy tail, they instantly knew she was the perfect match.

“Maya is such an important part of our lives. She’s our constant source of happiness and joy.”

— Maya’s fur parent, Asako

Chronic skin irritations and digestive problems

When Maya was 6 months old, she started to experience skin irritations that made her very itchy and uncomfortable. Maya also began to suffer from chronic vomiting and diarrhoea when she transitioned from puppy to adult kibble.

Skin rash dog

After several examinations by their vet, they still couldn’t identify the cause. So, Maya was put on a plain diet of chicken and rice to help her recover – but this made her worse.

“It was heartbreaking to see Maya in such discomfort and to not being able to know exactly what was wrong. She was losing her appetite and her playful and energetic nature slowly disappeared. Vet bills were through the roof, but we were determined to do anything and everything to make Maya feel better.”

— Maya’s fur parent, Asako

How real food transformed Maya’s health

Asako soon realised that Maya’s food was making her ill and began to research healthy diets for dogs.  

When they found Lyka, they loved the idea of nutritious, real food meals that were gentle on her stomach to support her recovery.  

It wasn’t just her vomiting and diarrhoea that improved, Maya’s skin also transformed.

“She has been free of any spots, redness, or irritation for the past year and her coat is so incredibly shiny and healthy.”

— Maya’s fur parent, Asako 

Maya before after skin

Only the best for Maya

With the improvement of her skin and gastrointestinal health, Maya has been able to go on more adventures without her parents worrying about her being in constant discomfort. 

“Changing her diet has been the best thing we have ever done for Maya. It has brought us so much joy seeing her get excited for her meals and her personality and energy coming back. As a very important part of our family, we feel grateful to be able to provide Maya with the very best to continue living her life in ways that make her feel the best and the happiest.”

— Maya’s fur parent, Asako

Dog sleeping

Lyka: life changing real food for healthy skin and digestion

Maya’s health issues aren’t unique – skin issues are the most common reason to visit the vet, leading to over $23 million in pet insurance claims in 2022.  

Healthy skin starts with a nourishing, high-quality diet. Lyka meals contain skin-enriching ingredients, like omega-3 from fish oil, to soothe and hydrate your dog’s skin, and real food prebiotics to support the gut-skin axis via the microbiome.

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