Lyka Story: How natural food put the sparkle back in Snoopy Girl’s eye

Dog with toy in grass

It began like most new puppy stories – Michelle’s friend from her daughter’s school had a gorgeous black dog who had just had a litter of five adorable puppies. She asked Michelle if she wanted to come over and see the pups and have a play. Having decided with her family that they would adopt a fur baby at the end of 2019, the timing seemed perfect. You can see where this is going…

“We visited the puppies just to play, not to buy – famous last words, right!”

— Michelle, Snoopy Girl's fur mama

Bringing Snoopy Girl home

After that initial visit, Michelle and her family went back and saw the puppies several more times. They were mixed breed with a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, the breed they had set their sights on, and there was one fluff ball that she just couldn’t stop thinking about. One by one, the puppies found their furever homes. Unable to get Sasha (as she had been named) out of her mind, Michelle called her friend to see if the adorable pup was still available, and as fate would have it, she was. One more visit later and it was a done deal. The beautiful black fluffy puppy was coming home.

Small dog in car

“We were so excited! Little Sasha became our Snoopy Girl. It was just meant to be.”

— Michelle, Snoopy Girl's fur mama

Weighing in at a tiny 5.2kg, Snoopy Girl is a pure black Cavalier x Poodle x Shih Tzu – Cavapooshi for short – she’s a very unique breed, like a limited edition.

“Snoopy Girl is definitely one in a million. I have had dogs before, but none of them have ever been quite like her. She is very smoochy and loving, and adores morning snuggles or kisses on the couch.”

— Michelle, Snoopy Girl's fur mama

From bliss to pain

From the start, Snoopy G (as her family often call her!) was a dream. She was close to 100% toilet trained from the day she came home, and she was a very quick learner. Of course, she has a sassy side that loves to bark every so often, but overall, Snoopy Girl was a fluffy angel. Who could say no those beautiful big brown eyes!

“When Snoopy G was around 6 months old, she started having a few issues. She would vomit clear liquid most mornings. The vet thought it may be reflux and to give her a little bit of food late at night before bed. At first, this seemed to help, but the problem soon returned. She was never able to get comfortable. Every morning she would pace in circles and lie down, and then get up and lie down again, and she just wouldn’t eat. Her intestines would make all sorts of squelching and gurgling noises. It was so sad to watch.”

— Michelle, Snoopy Girl's fur mama

One weekend, after watching their poor little girl suffering for far too long, they raced her back to the vet, who suggested that it might be back pain and prescribed a dose of pain killers. Initially, this worked. But it soon got worse, with Snoopy Girl ending up in emergency. A number of tests and x-rays later, and Michelle’s bank account a few thousand dollars lighter, Snoopy Girl’s family were no closer to finding an answer to her excruciating pain.

Snoopy Girl the dog hiding in flowers

“Sometimes it got so bad, her poop was bright yellow, blood streaked and jelly-like, then the next day, she would be fine. It was heartbreaking and frustrating, she had lost the sparkle in her eye and that cheeky sense of mischievousness. We tried all sorts of expensive food and diet changes. In the end, her diet mainly consisted of plain chicken and rice as that was all she could tolerate. Mealtime was not a great time in our household.”

— Michelle, Snoopy Girl's fur mama

Discovering Lyka

After so many unsuccessful visits to the vet, it was Snoopy Girl’s cute little Instagram friend who swooped in to save the day and her family’s sanity.

“We saw Lyka on @monty_the_cheese_puff’s Insta Stories, so I clicked through and loved that Lyka was all-natural, formulated by vets, human-grade, made in Australia and all freshly cooked. I made an initial enquiry but didn’t follow up until a month or so later. To be honest, even though I had read all of the amazing Lyka success stories, I just didn’t really hold out much hope that it would make a difference to my gorgeous girl, or that we would be ever be one of them. Wow, oh my dog, how positively wrong I was.”

— Michelle, Snoopy Girl's fur mama

Snoopy Girl the dog smiling standing in Lyka box

Lyka brought Snoopy Girl back to life. The happy, bouncy, shiny, fluffy little dog that Michelle had brought home in 2019, was back.

“My gorgeous little Snoopy Girl is like a brand new shiny floofy dog. After 18 months of painful digestive issues, she was back to her usual self. She loved Lyka right from the start and it made such a difference. Have you ever seen anyone excited by the look of dog poop? Well, I’m here to tell you that my husband and I were! It was so exciting, her poop was solid, it was the perfect colour, it was well-formed, and well… normal. Instead of jelly-like blobs every couple of days, Snoopy G was pooping three wonderful poops every single day. We were ecstatic. Okay, enough about poop!”

— Michelle, Snoopy Girl's fur mama

A new lease on life

“ Snoopy Girl has been on Lyka for two months now and she’s full of energy and playfulness. She zoomies here, there and everywhere – she even looks forward to breakfast.”

— Michelle, Snoopy Girl's fur mama

Snoopy Girl running with toy

From a pup who was in constant pain and couldn’t get comfortable, to a pup who is now waking up every morning well-rested with a happy face, a wagging tail and a bounce in her step, it’s almost got to be seen to be believed.

“Lyka has been absolutely life-changing. I only wish we had discovered it sooner.”

Snoopy Girl’s fur mama, Michelle

It’s safe to say that watermelon and car ride-loving Snoopy Girl, is now living her best life and has well and truly got that sparkle back in her eye!

Snoopy Girl the dog in flower garden smiling

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