What should fresh dog food look like? Exploring your pupper's Lyka Bowl

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Louise Hawkins
Fresh ingredients and Lyka food on table

Experts agree that fresh whole foods are best for our pups.

Like humans, dogs will feel and look better when they eat a healthy diet — no fast food for Lyka puppers!

According to Dr. Karen Becker, “most dogs and cats will thrive when given whole foods that mimic their ancestral diet.”

It’s why we put great care into preparing our fresh dog food recipes at Lyka.

Real food with real ingredients

You may have noticed that Lyka’s meals look a bit different from other processed diets. This is because your dog is eating real food!

  • Blueberries in our Lamb Bowl can stain other ingredients like meat — just like they do in muffins.

  • Chicken hearts in our Chicken Bowl and other organ meat can look grey-brown and leathery (despite being perfectly edible).

  • Egg whites in our Chicken Bowl can become cloudy and web-like.

  • Quinoa in our Lamb and Turkey Bowls once cooked will separate and can look like little curly tails.

  • You may even find chunks of carrot, pumpkin, and other goodies in our Chicken, Beef, Turkey and Fish Bowls.

There can also be differences in how the meals look depending on the time of year. At certain times in the growing season, spinach will be darker and more potent due to higher levels of chlorophyll.

If you’re ever concerned about something in your Lyka Meal, please let our Customer Care team know! We’ll help you identify what it is and put your mind at ease.

What to look out for in your pupper’s food

Human nutritionists often comment on the benefits of a colourful, varied fresh food diet.

Taking the lead from human trends, Lyka meals replicate this approach so your dog can be as healthy as possible. Our recipes are rich in Omega 3, packed with antioxidants, and don’t rely on synthetic vitamins and minerals. Our lightly cooked philosophy ensures your pupper’s food is as fresh as possible and not highly processed.

If you’re looking for good quality food for your dog, keep an eye out for meals that include highly nutritious ingredients such as carrots, broccoli, kale, and raspberries. It’s a myth that dogs will only eat meat! They love tasty plant foods too.

Lyka: fresh, complete, balanced, and filled with the good stuff

All Lyka meals are formulated with the expert advice of our in-house integrative vet. Our recipes are packed with local and ethically produced whole foods and superfoods. They are complete and balanced for all ages and breeds.

If you are after an optimum diet for your pupper, you can’t go past Lyka.

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