How Lyka fuels Rosie the Cocker Jack puppy’s best life

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Surprise — immediately followed by love — was the first thing Dale and Megan felt when they first laid eyes on Rosie the English Cocker Spaniel x Jack Russell Terrier.

They weren’t expecting this tiny bundle of fur, brought home one day by their son and daughter-in-law. At 1 and a half years of age, Rosie is a core part of the family today — with Lyka fuelling a lifetime of puppy zoomies and mealtime joy.

Meet Megan, Dale, and their wriggly ball of fur, Rosie

With her puppy smiles and floppy ears, Rosie is the light of Dale and Megan’s life: especially since their two Kelpie x Border Collies passed earlier that year. Rosie is named after both her Cocker Spaniel Mum, and her predecessor Roxie — whose name was originally Rosie when adopted.

Rosie is an American Cocker Spaniel x Jack Russell Terrier, who loves making friends and exploring the beach. Dale says she is always lively and fast as greased lightning.

Finding the right diet for Rosie the Cocker Jack

Rosie’s godparents — Dale and Megan’s son and daughter-in-law — feed their dogs Lyka, so they’d seen the benefits of real food for dogs firsthand. After a little research, they decided it was the best choice for Rosie’s needs as a puppy: she started on Lyka at 8 weeks old and hasn’t looked back.

Rosie the puppy smiling

It’s the vitality they notice in their best friend — combined with the joy of giving their baby the best — that keeps that dark green box of mealtime delight coming back to their door.

“She loves it! It’s very convenient (except when I forget to take it out of the freezer!)”

— Rosie's fur parent, Dale

Rosie’s one lucky puppy — she’s always been on Lyka!

Lyka’s real food meals have supported Rosie through all her puppy milestones, with Dale and Megan describing training as a breeze: even though she’s full of beans.

The vet always comments on how healthy she is, being an optimal weight and having a shiny coat. She’s everyone’s best friend at doggy daycare — the life of the party, getting puppy zoomies long after all the other dogs crash.

By taking a preventative approach to health, Rosie’s parents are safeguarding their best friend’s health at a crucial stage of growth and development — just as Jacki and Gavin did for Dora the cavoodle puppy.

Lyka: building the health of energetic puppies across Australia

Lyka provides meal plans tailored to the nutritional needs of your pup, factoring in age, breed, activity levels, weight, and health status.

For Rosie the Cocker Jack, preventative health benefits have included:

  • The development of strong bones, muscles, tissues, and joints. Lyka contains safe nutritional ratios and amounts to support slow and steady growth.

  • Diets high in quality protein also help puppies build healthy muscle mass while reducing injury risk during play: our meals have high, yet safe amounts of protein (46%-67% across the range).

  • Omega-3s (DHA and EPA) support skin, coat, and eye health, as well as puppies' learning, memory, and brain development. Cocker Spaniels and Jack Russells, prone to eye health issues, can benefit from Lyka's bioavailable omega-3 ingredients.

  • Lyka's low glycaemic index carbohydrates help sustain balanced mood and energy levels throughout the day, preventing blood sugar spikes and crashes. This supports successful training, leading to a happier, more socialised puppy.

  • Calorie-controlled servings to ensure optimal weight. Lyka’s custom portions update as your puppy grows, supporting them in maintaining healthy weight.

Our real food formulations support puppies from the inside out, reducing the risk of inflammation which can lead to chronic health issues in adulthood.

Lyka is complete and balanced for puppies: formulated by board-certified veterinary nutritionists to go above and beyond AAFCO and FEDIAF requirements.

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