Dora’s Lyka Story: a tale of preventative wellness

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Dora’s parents, Jacki and Gavin, discovered Lyka when Dora was nearing her second birthday. The benefit of preventative nutrition, paired with Lyka’s convenience, was a game changer.

Meet Dora the spunky teenage Toy Cavoodle

Dora rules the roost, according to Jacki and Gavin — despite her tiny stature, she’s got a big personality! Curious and clever, Dora is often thought to be named after Dora the Explorer.

Her real namesake is a local chocolate shop: a nod to Dora’s soft, dark brown coat. She loves the simple things in life, whether it’s napping with the nearest human as a headrest, savouring a Sardine Snap, or bouncing the ball to herself in the hopes of initiating play.

Dora puppy versus adolescent

The role of convenience during changes to Dora’s routine

When Jacki and Gavin decided to renovate, they knew Dora’s daily routine would be disrupted. Routine is essential for puppies — when her home became a construction site, Dora needed to adjust.

Decisions like what to feed also became more chaotic: mostly home cooked food, but an emergency can of wet food or a dog roll if the home prepared food ran out.

Throughout this time, a bag of kibble sat untouched in the corner. While they were familiar with the downsides of dry food, they weren’t sure how to meet their pup’s nutritional needs without sacrificing time, or Dora's health.

They needed a reliable and convenient dog food solution. Along came Lyka — delivered to their door, supporting Dora’s brain and body as she settles into adulthood. They’re confident that Lyka will protect their best friend’s health, long into the future.

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Shorty walked so Dora could leap, bound, and zoomie into her best life

If it wasn’t for their first family dog, Shorty, Jacki and Gavin wouldn’t understand the importance of preventative nutrition. Shorty was the centre of their family, joining their three children in countless adventures and games over the years.

Shorty the Toy Cavoodle sitting on grass

He passed from congenital heart issues at the age of 14. At the time, there weren’t any quality, real food options on the market to choose from.

"With Lyka, I know Dora’s getting the best possible nutrition so we can keep her around for as long as possible and improve her quality of life. We're not taking any chances."

— Jacki, Dora's fur parent

Dora’s sheer delight at mealtimes 

When the freezer opens, Dora is there right away, her brown eyes asking: “is it time for Lyka?” Mealtimes are a main event each day — without fail, she comes back to lick the bowl clean. Sometimes more than once. When asked about her favourite variety of Lyka, the couple say she eats them all so fast, it’s hard to tell! 

"Lyka has healthy food and reliable delivery which is really convenient. You get high quality support and advice, and I appreciate the product has a sound evidence base."

— Gavin, Dora's fur parent

Dora the Toy Cavoodle testimonial

What’s the science behind Lyka helping dogs thrive?

Now that we’ve shared the benefits that Lyka has, it’s time to back it up with some science. According to recent literature, a variety of real food ingredients can support:

  • A balanced and more diverse gut microbiome, leading to reduced risk of cardiac issues and chronic digestive problems later in life.

  • Immune system health, resulting in healthier skin and coat — and stronger defence against infections and pathogens, which younger dogs are more prone to. For Dora, this has helped her coat stay healthy: with other pup parents even commenting on its softness!

  • Diets low in carbohydrates, made with low glycaemic index vegetables, give dogs the best chances of sustained mood and energy levels throughout the day. This helps parents like Jacki and Gavin with training, and socialisation — keeping Dora calm with the comings and goings of builders, for example.

Teenage dogs have unique nutritional needs. They’ve finished growing and discovering the world as a puppy, settling into a new chapter: adulthood. With a quality, real food diet like Lyka, you can raise a strong, well-adjusted pup.

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