Lyka Story: How fresh food stopped Emma & Buddy’s diarrhoea

Two smiling dogs on beach

When it comes to being a dog parent, poop talk is part and parcel of the role. But for Marcelle, her pups’ poop was becoming a huge problem, with both Emma and Buddy suffering from debilitating diarrhoea. That was until fresh dog food changed the game.

Read on to discover how Lyka’s fresh, vet-formulated, human-grade recipes helped their poop and changed the lives of these two adorable pups.

Two dogs smiling on beach

The story of Emma and Buddy

A puppy fairy godmother, Marcelle came to have Buddy and Emma in her life by pure chance – although, some may call it fate.

“A very good friend of mine was looking for a Golden Retriever and found a wonderful litter of puppies to choose from. Unfortunately, she fell in love with two but had to go home with only one. She was so upset about leaving the other, she called me in the hope that she could convince me to take her second choice, and that is how Emma came to be my beautiful girl.”

— Marcelle, Emma & Buddy's fur mama

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When Emma was two years old, the fabulous duo that was her and Marcelle, quickly became a fabulous trio when Buddy the Staffy X joined their clan.

“A good friend of mine was making a delivery to a farm in New Zealand. Noticing that all of Buddy‘s brothers and sisters were being fatally harmed, he grabbed the last little pup and took him away to safety. That adorable little puppy then ended up with me of course, because how could anyone say no!”

— Marcelle, Emma & Buddy's fur mama

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A Golden Retriever that doesn’t really like to swim unless it’s a quick paddle in warm water, Emma is very relaxed. Known as Princess Emma to Marcelle, she must sit in the front seat of the car when she goes out every day.

Buddy on the other hand, is a ball of energy and loves as much attention as you can possibly give him, and he’s quite literally glued to his ball.

“He has a glow-in-the dark ball that he is attached to. Like children have screen time, Buddy has ball time with his favourite glow-in-the-dark ball. If I don’t implement ball time, he would honestly play ball all day.”

— Marcelle, Emma & Buddy's fur mama

Golden Retriever and Staffy in car

Struggling with diarrhoea

Emma and Buddy had been struggling with severe diarrhoea for over two months. Marcelle removed kibble from their diet, she gave them medication as instructed by her husband who is a vet, and she fed them plain white chicken. No matter what Marcelle did to try and help her pups, nothing worked – even blood tests showed nothing. Marcelle was at a complete loss.

“I even kept Buddy and Emma inside with no walks for a week to see if perhaps it was a plant that was making them sick. But, the diarrhoea did not stop and it was so awful and impossible to pick up as it was literally just liquid with blobs in it!”

— Marcelle, Emma & Buddy's fur mama

Both pups were also incredibly lethargic, unhappy and they’d even stopped playing with each other, which they’d always loved to do.

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Discovering Lyka’s fresh recipes

“One of my wonderful friends is one of the best researchers and a big fan of Lyka. He advised me that after a long time of looking into every dog food company, Lyka’s fresh, human-grade meals came up the best by a long shot, so I didn’t hesitate in placing an order.”

— Marcelle, Emma & Buddy's fur mama

Marcelle couldn’t believe the difference that Lyka had made to Emma and Buddy, and how quickly she was able to see the changes.

Two dogs sleeping next to Lyka delivery box and meals

“I saw a major improvement within 48 hours and by day 5, both dogs were 100% recovered – no diarrhoea at all and they’ve never had it again. I had made no other changes, so I knew it was definitely Lyka that had made all the difference.”

— Marcelle, Emma & Buddy's fur mama

Emma and Buddy are now full of energy and back to their playful selves and living their best, healthiest and happiest lives.

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Lyka: filled with fibre for good poop

Lyka’s complete and balanced meals have been formulated by our in-house Integrative Veterinarian, Dr. Matthew Muir, and contain a mix of vegetables and superfoods to help keep your pup in tip-top shape. Across our five signature recipes, you will find a mix of healthy fibre sources including, ancient grains such as quinoa, plus purple sweet potato and butternut squash. All delicious additions to your pup’s bowl to help keep their poop on point.

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