Butternut squash: a nutrient-packed winter warmer for your dog

Halved butternut squash

Butternut squash or butternut pumpkin – whatever you call it, this brightly coloured yet humble winter warmer, packs a punch for your dog when it comes to taste and nutritional benefits.

The benefits of butternut squash

Rich in Vitamin A

Just like its orange cousin, the carrot, squash contains plenty of Vitamin A. This essential nutrient is key to healthy eyes and good eyesight, and also plays a starring role in fetal development and immune and cell function.

Filled with prebiotic fibre

Dog ownership is filled with poop talk, but no one likes picking up sloppy poop! The amount of prebiotic fibre in squash can really help your pup’s poop texture and the overall health of their gut and microbiome.

Brimming with beta-carotene

This powerful antioxidant helps with maintaining youthfulness and has been scientifically shown to restore immune responses in older and senior dogs that had previously shown signs of a slower immunological response.

A great source of Vitamin C

Dogs can produce Vitamin C themselves, but a booster in their diet is a good thing, especially for sick or stressed puppers, and can help to reduce inflammation and prevent free radical damage.

Which recipes contain this powerful ingredient?

You can find delicious butternut squash in our drool-worthy Free-Range Chicken and Barn-Raised Turkey Bowls, sitting amongst other wholesome ingredients, including spinach, fish oil, psyllium seed husk and carrot. Fresh is always best – are you ready to make the switch? Order a Starter Box and give your dog the chance to try the fresh food life today!

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