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Life-changing dog food for the gassiest pups

Occasional gas is normal, but if your dog experiences regular, smelly gas, it could be their diet. 

Lyka’s gut-friendly meals contain bioactive superfoods, fibres and prebiotics to support digestive health and reduce gassiness for good. 

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How real food reduces flatulence

A healthy gut has billions of diverse microorganisms. Lyka meals are made with fresh, highly digestible ingredients with controlled fat to help reduce fermentation in the gut. Each portion also contains prebiotics to keep these microorganisms happy and in balance.  

Developed by Co-founder and Integrative Veterinarian, Dr Matthew Muir alongside board-certified veterinary nutritionists, each meal is specially formulated for optimal digestion and less uncomfortable gas. 

Balanced in dietary fibre for digestive health

Each meal contains carefully selected soluble and insoluble dietary fibre sources to prevent constipation and smelly dog farts.

Free from high-carb plant proteins and lectins

Lyka avoids refined carbs like wheat and corn, known to trigger gurgly tummies, uncomfortable bloating and smelly gas.

Packed with gut-loving fruit and vegetables

Each meal contains active ingredients full of phytonutrients, vitamins and dietary fibre in safe quantities for a healthy gut.

Bioavailable protein for easy absorption

Lyka meals are made from 100% real, highly digestible protein. This helps reduce gas-causing residues available for bacterial fermentation in the large intestine.

Hear about digestion from Lyka’s experts

"Switching to Lyka provides highly digestible, high-quality ingredients to create a healthy gut and reduce inflammation. Improve the diversity of the gut microbiome by optimising prebiotic fibre — this has significant flow-on effects to improving overall health and wellbeing."
"Soluble fibres found in fruits, vegetables, seeds and spices, are great for promoting a healthy gut microbiome. Lyka also includes highly digestible, quality animal proteins that help reduce gas production and indigestion in the colon, while avoiding flatulence-triggering ingredients like wheat, corn, soy and beet pulp."

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Healthier dog food, delivered conveniently on a flexible plan.

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Active ingredients for stronger and healthier guts

Lyka’s meals contain carefully selected ingredients to reduce gas for good.
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Digestion Supplements for a happy gut

Lyka’s Digestion Supplements are designed to amplify the benefits of Lyka meals with active ingredients that improve gut barrier function. Specifically formulated with billions of clinically proven gut-friendly bacteria to boost the microbiome, and fatty acids and L-glutamine to support the gut lining, each daily dose supports healthy digestion and wards off harmful bacteria.

96% of dogs' health improves with Lyka

With over 27 million Lyka meals devoured around the country, thousands of pups are thriving on Lyka.
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Your gassiness FAQs, answered

Why do my dog's farts smell so bad?

Gas is normal, but it shouldn’t have a foul smell (most of the time). A good rule of thumb for smelly gas is no more than once a month.

Dogs don’t have adequate digestive enzymes to digest carbohydrates found in grains, beans and legumes easily. This means the bacteria in the colon ferment these undigested foods, creating hydrogen sulphide gas, which has a very strong odour.

Some studies have shown soluble or fermentable fibre-enhanced foods, along with carbs like wheat and corn can increase intestinal gas formation.

A diet high in fat can slow down the digestive process, leading to increased fermentation — another reason why your dog could be experiencing smelly gas.

How can Lyka decrease my dog’s farting?

Apart from dogs who swallow excessive amounts of air when eating, or eat something they shouldn't, the main cause of flatulence is over-fermentation.

Lyka contains higher amounts of fibre than other foods. The soluble/insoluble fibre mix in each meal is designed to achieve improved digestive health and a healthy gut microbiome, resulting in decreased flatulence.

For some dogs, cruciferous vegetables and grain can cause flatulence, so our Kangaroo, Lamb and Turkey Bowls may be best avoided. That said, most dogs see a reduction in flatulence when moving from kibble diets to any Lyka meal, due to the wholefood digestibility benefits.

Is Lyka suitable for sensitive tummies and other gastrointestinal concerns?

Lyka’s low-fat and limited protein Kangaroo, Chicken, Fish and Turkey meals could be a great fit for your pup.

Some dogs may find Kangaroo too high in protein — if this is your dog, try Lyka’s Fish and Turkey meals, which are especially digestible and hypoallergenic.

If you have a gassy dog with a sensitive tummy or a history of gastrointestinal concerns, take any food transition slowly so their system has time to adjust to the new ingredients.

Every dog has a unique microbiome and can respond differently to dietary transitions, so bear that in mind when making a change. Lyka’s Customer Care team is always available for support if you have concerns about your dog’s transition.

Deep dive into all things gassiness

Lyka's nutrition philosophy

100% real ingredients

All our ingredients are made for human consumption. Yes, we taste-test them ourselves!


Each meal is designed by our co-founder and Integrative Veterinarian, Dr. Matthew Muir, alongside a team of Board-Certified Veterinary Nutritionists.

Australian-made & owned

Every meal is made locally, with 85-97% of ingredients sourced here in Australia.

Delivered fast & fresh

Cooked fresh and delivered snap frozen to lock in nutrition and taste without preservatives. Meals are delivered directly to your door, delivery included.

Green in name & nature

Proud to be a Certified B Corp and Australia’s only carbon and plastic-negative dog food company.

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