If you've got a French Bulldog, you'll know how much they make you smile and brighten your day with their big personalities and funny antics.

Out on your walks, too, you're likely to bump into a fellow Frenchie or two, as they've become a popular choice amongst those of us living in small, urban housing. Stocky and robust, they fit surprisingly well in smaller spaces, thriving on companionship. They're fun to have around, love people and are usually good with kids as well. All they need is plenty of love and attention, a satisfying walk each day and a great diet that keeps them in tip top health.

When they're not running riot, Frenchies are huge couch potatoes, so when city life prevents them getting as much exercise as they might want, they're liable to put on weight. Their unique look means there are some special health considerations as well, so it's worth taking the time to learn how to care for your pupper, and to ensure their diet supports their health and wellbeing.

Sounds tricky? Don't worry – Lyka can help make things easy.

French Bulldog relaxing

What health issues should I look out for with my Frenchie?

You know the phrase 'If dogs could talk'? Well French Bulldogs really do! They'll happily talk to you through their grunting and snorting, and they can be loud snorers as well. But while they might be noisy at one end, they can release a lot of air at the other. Yes, Frenchies are renowned for being gassy – and it's not so funny when the smell is strong enough to clear the room! Farting regularly is often a sign that all is not well with your dog's digestion and the cause can be due to allergenic ingredients such as wheat and grains that are typically found in both dry and canned dog foods. As well as digestive issues, Frenchies as a breed are affected by skin allergies. Those beautiful soft folds can become itchy and uncomfortable – another reason to be careful about what you feed your pupper.

As French Bulldogs are prone to allergies, high quality meals are the key to keeping them healthy. Lyka meals contain no known preservatives or fillers – only human-grade meat, like Grass-Fed Lamb and Beef, plus carefully chosen nutrients to support our puppers' health. It's food we'd happily eat ourselves!

Other health issues to look out for:

  • Make sure their eyes are clean and bright – they can be prone to irritated or infected red eyes
  • Clean the folds of skin on their faces from time to time
  • Check their bottoms regularly, as they have a unique 'tail pocket' which can collect poo – you don't want to find a nasty surprise later on the sofa when you're snuggling up together!
  • Frenchies are a breed that feel the heat, especially in warmer months – so don't let them get dehydrated. Always ensure your pupper has access to water, even on walks, and better still feed them a moist, bowl-ready food like Lyka which will help them absorb enough fluids.
French Bulldog taking a nap after fresh food

Choosing the right food for your Frenchie

As well as big personalities, French Bulldogs have appetites to match. They're usually meal obsessed and can detect food around, even when they seem to be sound asleep. Add to this the fact that they can be less energetic than other breeds, and it all adds up to being prone to putting on weight – which can put stress on their joints and isn't great for their health generally, especially as they get older.

What's best for Frenchies is controlled portions, together with the right mix of proteins and nutrients every day to support their health, especially their skin and digestion. It's what you get with Lyka – perfectly balanced meals for every pupper.

Your Frenchie will love Lyka

For a Frenchie, great health inside and out starts with good diet. Lyka meals are specially created by our in-house vet from human-grade high quality meats, vegetables and superfood ingredients. They're perfectly cooked in batches, slowly in order to preserve the nutrients required to maintain your pupper's health. With Grass-Fed Beef and Lamb, and Free-Range Chicken Bowls to choose from, Lyka makes mealtimes a real treat for your pupper's senses.

And to get that Frenchie farting under control? Why not try our vet formulated Chicken Bowl? It's been designed to slowly build gut resilience through a careful balance of pre and probiotic, nutrient-dense wholefoods that are easily digestible, soothing and cleansing – ideal for the most sensitive Frenchie stomach!

Freshly prepared food delivered to your door, in correctly sized portions, so that each and every delicious meal is exactly the right size for them. That's why you and your pup will love Lyka.