Find a better bite with our new type of kelp! 

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What has six times more iron than spinach, and double the amount of Vitamin K found in cabbage? It’s the latest addition to our line-up of human-grade ingredients: North Atlantic Kelp!

We’ve rolled out this new and improved kelp across all our classic recipes. This type of kelp is gaining attention in the veterinary nutrition space, being rich in essential vitamins, minerals, bioactives and trace elements.

Let’s get into the main health benefits for your pup.

What are we changing?

We’re swapping out Tasman Bull kelp in all Lyka meals, replacing it with North Atlantic kelp (scientific name Ascophyllum nodosum).

Lyka’s in-house veterinary nutritionists describe it as an ocean seaweed with a lighter taste. It’s already a potent ingredient in our Dental Pupper Supps.

Extra beneficial for your pup’s chompers

Not only is North Atlantic kelp high in calcium for healthy teeth… it changes the properties of your pup’s saliva, by inhibiting or turning off pathways that enhance the growth of plaque and calculus (also known as tartar).

The bottom line: this ingredient helps lower your dog’s risk of dental disease — the most common health issue for dogs over the age of three.

Other benefits associated with this new addition

The fun doesn’t stop there! North Atlantic kelp has been shown to…

  • Support a healthy metabolism, digestion and thyroid, with lots of iodine for healthy hormone production. North Atlantic kelp has triple the amount of iodine compared to our previous kelp ingredient of choice.

  • Alleviate skin conditions through high amounts of Vitamins A and C — which play a key role in maintaining healthy skin.

  • Boost bone health with plenty of Vitamin K, magnesium and calcium.

  • Strengthen immunity via minerals like zinc, and Vitamins A and C.

Good for your pup, even better for the planet

Kelp forests absorb carbon dioxide from the sea. The larger the underwater forest, the more CO2 it can remove from the atmosphere: we only harvest kelp that has detached and washed ashore.

For the lowdown on all our human-grade ingredients at Lyka, check out our information page.

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