The lowdown on our new treats range

The lowdown on our new treats range | Lyka Pet Food Journal

Whether you are using them for training, making mealtime more exciting or to double down on health benefits, our treats are the perfect complement to a complete and balanced diet.

At Lyka, we aim to provide the most nutritious treat options for puppers. All of our healthy dog treats are natural and air-dried; made from single protein ingredients that are sourced exclusively from Australia and New Zealand - no nasties in sight!

Overseen by our in-house Integrative Vet, Dr. Matthew Muir, our Treats range has been created to complement our signature Lyka recipes. Not only are they delicious, but they have been picked with important health, wellness and developmental benefits in mind for puppers of all ages.

These benefits include dental hygiene, bone and joint health, skin and coat health, anti-inflammation, cardiovascular health, muscle tissue support and digestive function support. They also are a go-to for training your pups, with some going down a treat in a single chomp! Others act as a great long-lasting chew for when you need some enrichment to add some variety for your dog’s day.

At Lyka, we love our planet as much as we love our pups and so, for our treats range, we’ve made our packaging 100% biodegradable! Throw our pouches in your regular bin and they’ll break down in 30 short weeks – much faster than the 2 years it takes a banana peel!

Available exclusively to customers with an active Lyka subscription, our drool-worthy range comes in individual pouches or in curated packs of three, known as Trios.

So, whether you’ve got a younger, older, naughty, or itchy or anxious pup, we’ve got a treat that is sure to get those tails wagging and taste buds tingling.

Discover our treats

healthy dog treats

Mussel Munchies

Our gently air-dried Mussel Munchies are made from 100% New Zealand Wild Harvested Green Lipped Mussels. They are the treat of choice if you’ve got a pup that suffers from joint pain or loves to run laps at the dog park thanks to a powerful combo of Omega 3s and chondroitin sulfate, while the fatty acids add an extra boost to your pup’s skin and coat health.

healthy dog treats

Sardine Snaps

If you’ve given our Grass-Fed Beef Bowl a try, you’ve already seen the benefits of sardines in action. These treats are simply air-dried Australian Wild Caught Sardines, and are bursting with B-vitamins, antioxidants, and coenzyme Q10 – great for giving your pup an immunity and joint health boost.

healthy dog treats

Chicky Chews

For a tasty, low-fat training treat, look no further than our Chicky Chews. Made purely from Australian Free Range Chicken Breast, they are packed with protein for healthy muscle development. Snap them up into pieces and get your pup sitting, shaking and rolling over in no time.

healthy dog treats

Lamb Straws

Our tasty Lamb Straws are gently air-dried Australian Grass Fed Lamb Trachea. They are loaded with vitamins and minerals, and are a great treat to get your pup chomping to boost their dental health. Our tip? Fill up hollow middle of a Lamb Straw with your pup’s favourite Lyka recipe and pop in the freezer to get them chowing down for longer.

healthy dog treats

Tripe Straps

The OG Lyka treat, our Tripe Straps are made from 100% Australian Grass Fed Lamb Green Tripe. They are full of digestive enzymes and probiotics to help keep your pup’s microbiome in check. We use a third-party lab to make sure these unbleached treats contain no harmful micro-organisms for your dog – safety first!

healthy dog treats

Pig Twigs

Keep your pup chewing with our Pig Twigs, which are great for dental health as they help to remove any food stuck between your pup’s teeth. These are a long-lasting treat, helping to keep your pup occupied for longer and adding enrichment to their day. Made with just Australian Pork Pizzle, they’re also a great novel protein choice if your dog has allergies!

healthy dog treats

Go-To Gut Helper

The same blend of probiotics you get in your first Lyka box, our Go-To Gut Helper not only helps your pup adjust to their new food, but can help to give their gut microbiome a boost where needed – after a funny tummy episode or a course of antibiotics.

Made with love by Lyka

Our treats are made by us in our Aussie kitchens, alongside the Lyka bowls that our puppers love. With the same focus on locally sourced ingredients and minimal processing that we put into our recipe line-up; our air-dried treats are bound to please even the pickiest of puppers.

Our treats are exclusively available to our Lyka pack, so log into your account to add a pouch (or three!) to your next box. If you’re not yet a Lyka customer, but want to start getting our complete and balanced fresh meals and yummy treats delivered to your door, click below to build your Lyka box and start your pup on a fresh food journey.

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