Safflower oil: A powerful source of Omega 6 for your dog

Safflower oil spilled

This month, we’re putting the spotlight on safflower oil – an excellent source of Omega 6s, it contains over 70% of linoleic acid as well as an optimal dose of soothing Vitamin E. This, combined with the oil’s unsaturated fatty acids, make it a great inflammation fighter and essential to the overall health of your dog.

Why we love safflower oil

With over 70% linoleic acid, safflower oil is an excellent source of powerful Omega 6s. These essential fatty acids are vital for your dog’s cell membrane structure and cell function, and needed for healthy reproduction, growth, a strong heart and immunity. Dogs who don’t get enough linoleic acid in their diet can develop problems, which may include skin issues, abnormal growth and a weakened immune system.

Safflower oil contains a nice dose of Vitamin E, which helps with dermatological health and to ease inflammation, promoting nourished skin and a soft and shiny coat.

It also contains Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), which can help with your pup’s metabolism and weight management, as well as mobility-related arthritic conditions and immune system disorders.

Getting the right balance of Omega 6

The correct ratio of Omega 3 and Omega 6 acids is incredibly important, as a controlled amount of inflammation is needed for healing, making it a balancing act to ensure your pup receives the optimal balance of Omega 6s against Omega 3s.

AAFCO recommends a ratio of Omega 6s to Omega 3s that is lower than 30:1. At Lyka, we’ve gone the extra mile to ensure optimal anti-inflammatory benefits for your pup and to keep our recipes with an Omega 3 ratio between 3:1 and 3.6:1, much lower than AAFCO recommends.

Which Lyka recipes contain safflower oil?

At Lyka, we use chemical and pesticide free, non-GMO, organic safflower oil in our Beef and Lamb Bowls.

Safflower oil is used in-conjunction with other nutrient-packed ingredients including fish oil, flaxseed oil and psyllium seed husk, to ensure our drool-worthy bowls support your dog’s health and nutritional needs.

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