Anna & Lyka’s story: pursuing better health for dogs

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Anna and Lyka sitting on sofa

As dog parents, we share one goal: to make the best decisions for our pups. Our founder, Anna Podolsky, thought she was doing everything by the book — but she was still seeing her pup in pain and discomfort.

This feeling was the force that motivated Anna to start Lyka Pet Food: bringing real food meals (and with it, life-changing health) to the homes of thousands of dogs.

Our story starts with Anna and Lyka, the Border Collie cross

When Lyka began experiencing health issues around her 5th birthday, Anna was shocked — if she was fuelling her best friend with premium kibble and daily walks, why did her pup have tooth decay, itchy ears, bald patches, and lethargy?

Lyka’s shedding had always been constant, but never to the point of baldness. She was itching her mouth to the point that scars formed. Her veterinarian warned that she would need tooth extractions soon.

Once Anna pinpointed nutrition as the potential cause of Lyka’s health problems, she began researching other options on the market.

"She's so important to me, and all I wanted was for her to be around as long as possible, enjoying life by my side. Something had to change."

— Anna Podolsky, Lyka CEO and Founder

Lifting the lid on the pet food industry

As Anna researched the best brand for her beloved pup, a bigger truth emerged: there wasn’t one.

She discovered that the typical commercial pet food supply chain spanned continents, taking months (if not years) to reach store shelves. Nutritional formulation was difficult to verify, with ingredients of questionable quality and origin. To top it all off, Anna learned that kibble was cooked at 200°C — this production process creates harmful compounds called Advanced Glycation End products (AGEs).

Anna took matters into her own hands and began preparing meals at home in the hopes of returning Lyka to good health. Thanks to real food ingredients, her fun-loving pup was back.

"I notice a change in my body when I follow a healthy diet with lots of fresh plant and animal foods. It made sense that Lyka would feel the same."

— Anna Podolsky, Lyka CEO and Founder

Lyka and Anna standing on pier looking at water

Like Anna, so many of you feel like you’ve tried everything 

While she’d found a solution for Lyka in home cooking, she wondered how many other pet parents were going through the same thing. If others didn’t have the time to prepare food at home, or couldn’t do so without risk of nutritional imbalances, what was the solution? 

"I’m so passionate about the benefits of a real food diet for dogs and disrupting an industry that was built for shelf life and not nutrition. All dogs should have the right to live out their best life, and it starts with what goes in their bowl."

— Anna Podolsky, Lyka CEO and Founder

To date, Lyka has prepared 25 million real food meals (and counting) for dogs across Australia. Our food goes above and beyond AAFCO and FEDIAF standards, giving pups the fuel they need to thrive — rather than just survive.

The life changing impact of real food for dogs

For Lyka, the key to good health was a diet filled with quality protein, vegetables and superfoods. Her transformation happened within weeks — it was incredible.

Not only was she more energetic, but her coat was also glossier, and her skin was no longer itchy. Even her tooth decay had reversed. As a bonus, Anna noticed Lyka's poo didn’t smell anymore, with frequent gas also ceasing completely.

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Today, Lyka is a healthy senior — with a schedule just as full as her CEO best friend! You’ll find her hanging out in the Sydney HQ office, going for walks three times a day, and getting hydrotherapy and acupuncture to support her hip (which she injured as a young puppy).

Lyka’s hip gets sore in winter, but Anna says she knows it would be much worse if she hadn’t discovered the benefits of real food for dogs. By shifting what you put in your dog's bowl, you can have a life-changing impact on their health. 

Lyka meals offer 50 research-backed ingredients, formulated into 6 gently cooked options — by a team of board-certified veterinary nutritionists. It’s never too late to make a change: start seeing the difference in your dog’s health today.

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