Lyka Story: How fresh food put a stop to Hudson’s red and itchy skin

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Adopted from an animal rescue charity when he was just 13 weeks old, Hudson had been surrendered as the runt of an unwanted litter, and sadly had not been sold. Whilst the beginning of Hudson’s life may not have been ideal, this set him on a path to meeting his loving forever fur mama, Karen.

“He was very skinny and his ribs were all showing, but he had an undeniable spark that I instantly fell in love with!”

— Karen, Hudson's fur mama

Dog on lounge with toy

The perfect match

Life for Hudson and Karen was great, with the two spending their days running around and enjoying each other’s company, with Hudson acting as the perfect puppy escort wherever Karen went – even to the bathroom!

“Hudson is an absolute fire cracker, and when he’s not begging for a chest scratch (with a not-so-subtle push from his paw and those irresistible puppy dog eyes!) he can be found tearing around the backyard with his favourite toy. Just don’t ask him to play fetch though. He’s happy to chase after the ball, but there is no way he is giving it back! Where’s the fun in that?! And because Hudson has such long legs, he can be quite clumsy. Sometimes just getting in the back door is a challenge, especially when he’s running at full speed – it’s hilarious.”

— Karen, Hudson's fur mama

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Scratching, scratching and more scratching

Being a white dog, Hudson is unfortunately prone to skin irritations and suffers from a number of food intolerances, causing him to scratch in discomfort.

Karen tried Hudson on grain-free kibble, which also caused flare ups and rashes. She then read online that a raw food diet could work for Hudson’s symptoms, so she set about home cooking his meals.

“I was constantly at the vet with Hudson being prescribed steroid tablets and creams, and that just wasn’t what I wanted for him. I was then spending two hours in the kitchen every six days to prepare his meals – it was time-consuming and just not something that I could keep doing long-term.”

— Karen, Hudson's fur mama

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Discovering Lyka

It was then that she found Lyka. In her quest to make her life easier, she stumbled upon the fresh dog food subscription service, which ticked all the boxes when it came to nutrition, taste and convenience.

“I loved the idea of having my time back to spend with Hudson, instead of spending so many hours in the kitchen, and the difference in cost difference was minor.”

Hudson’s fur mama, Karen

Starting off on a two-week trial, Hudson’s results on the lightly cooked meals were endless and spoke for themselves, with the nutritionally balanced vet-formulated recipes proving to be a game changer when it came to his severe skin irritations. The rest as they say, is history.

Dog sniffing Lyka delivery box

Goodbye itchy skin

“Hudson’s skin is now wonderfully pink instead of an angry red. Being white, his coat was never noticeably shiny prior to Lyka, but now it is just divine – so soft and luscious!

— Karen, Hudson's fur mama

Hudson’s digestion also improved dramatically, having previously had a lot of tummy trouble due to him being allergic to wheat and gluten. The gluten-free recipe options help to keep Hudson’s poos on point, meaning no mess for Karen and no pain for Hudson!

“Picking up after him is a revelation! His teeth and gums are also perfect according to his vet, and his weight is spot on with no more visible ribs, it’s just amazing to see.”

— Karen, Hudson's fur mama

Convenient and nutritious

For Karen, it’s the ease in which she can order Lyka and keep Hudson’s health in tip-top shape, with her initial on-bowling experience proving to be simple and efficient.

“I loved that I could customise my account and enter all of Hudson’s personal details, including his likes and dislikes, activity levels, as well as his allergies and intolerances. I also felt more secure knowing his diet would be balanced by professionals rather than guess worked by me.

Hudson’s fur mama, Karen

Life for Hudson is now all about itch-free skin, solid poops and bundles of energy – and it shouldn’t be anything less!

Wondering if Lyka can help your pup ditch the itch?

Lyka is free from common intolerants such as gluten, wheat, corn, soy, dairy, lactose and sugar, with each of the four recipes formulated by our in-house Integrative vet and Lyka co-founder, Dr. Matthew Muir.

All recipes contain whole food ingredients and quality protein, as well as purposeful and powerful superfoods ingredients that will benefit your pupper from the inside out. All recipes are complete and balanced for all life stages.

Click the link below to build a box and kickstart your pup’s Lyka journey today!

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