Itching for a remedy to your dog's environmental allergies?


From time to time, every dog may be a bit itchy and give themselves a scratch.

You may also notice that your pupper gets itchy depending on the time of the year, especially in the warmer months due to environmental allergies like the prevalence of higher amounts of pollen and mould. But, there is a difference between a satisfying scratch and one of those prolonged itching sessions that causes redness and irritation.

4 ways to soothe your pupper’s itchy skin

A good rinse

If you believe pollen and grass could be the trigger, wiping or washing your pupper with water may help. Use a wet cloth or pet-friendly wipes on their underbelly, paws and legs. It’s also a good idea to give them a bath in hypoallergenic shampoo as part of their regular grooming routine.

Natural ingredients

Try cooled decaffeinated green tea, which can be a great soak for your pupper’s skin and paws. Chamomile tea is also a good option due to its anti-inflammatory properties, along with an oatmeal bath soak. Oats are known for their soothing qualities, which may help calm and soothe your pup’s irritated skin. If your pupper has a history of yeast infections, we recommend speaking with your vet first, as this can also cause irritation in some cases.

Detoxify your pupper

Rashes can be a sign that your pupper needs a few extra nutrients to help detoxify and cleanse their body from any nasties. Burdock root is known for its ability to help with skin conditions due to its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and antioxidant effects.

Psyllium seeds can also help to remove waste in your dog’s intestines. Curcumin (otherwise known as turmeric) is packed with anti-inflammatory and medicinal properties and Vitamin E, found naturally in many foods is a powerhouse antioxidant that removes free radicals.

Build their allergen defence

A strong immune system is a great place to start if you are trying to avoid skin problems with your pupper. Probiotics are a great addition to your pupper’s diet as they help to increase the good bacteria in their microbiome, meaning they are less likely to suffer from allergic reactions. Other probiotic nutrients include Chicory root, mushrooms, and Burdock root.


Other things you should be aware of

Allergies and irritations can flare up despite the change in weather and season. It’s important to consider other environmental factors. Have you changed your dog’s bedding, bathed them in a new shampoo and have they been using a flea/tick and worming preventative? It’s also worth discussing your pupper’s symptoms with a veterinary professional. If food intolerances are suspected, they may suggest a hypoallergenic diet or advise starting a supervised elimination trial.

If your pupper suffers from Canine Atopic Dermatitis, this is a chronic relapsing condition and can be frustrating for you, your pupper and even your consulting vet! It’s worth trying to understand your pupper’s triggers in an attempt to prevent flare-ups, but you may need to speak with your vet to develop a protocol to follow.

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