How fresh food helped stop Gucci vomiting

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From a pup with constant lifelong tummy troubles to now being a happy, pain-free bundle of fur, Gucci the Pomeranian is enjoying the incredible benefits of a complete and balanced fresh food diet.

Meet Gucci

The last one left of her litter, Gucci was exactly what Stacey and her partner, Ryan, needed.

“Ryan and I have had Gucci since she was 8 weeks old. She was the last of her litter, as the person who was meant to have her, changed their mind. I always think this was fate, as we had been looking for a dog for quite a while and we happened to see her just at the right time.”

— Stacey, Gucci's fur mama

Gucci may be small, but she’s certainly mighty and she’s got Stacey and Ryan wrapped around her little paw.

“She’s a typical Pomeranian – a small dog with a big personality! She’s so sassy and funny, and makes us laugh every day, and she absolutely rules the house. If she’s upset, you’ll know about it, as she always has to have the last bark or grumble. She’s very entertaining and has such a human-like personality – we swear she was a person of importance in a past life!”

— Stacey, Gucci's fur mama

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Tummy troubles

From the very beginning, Gucci suffered from painful tummy issues, as well as regular bouts of vomiting and diarrhoea, which went on for most of her life. Stacey and Ryan also found out that Gucci cannot digest red meat, which made mealtime extremely challenging.

“We went to the vet numerous times about Gucci’s digestive issues – we even saw an expensive allergy specialist. But, even after thousands of dollars had been spent, no one was able to pinpoint the issue, it was so stressful.”

— Stacey, Gucci's fur mama

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The start of home cooking

Commercial dog food from the supermarket was not an option for Stacey and Ryan, as they couldn’t control what was in it, so they started home cooking all of Gucci’s meals.

“Despite my very best attempts to research what was good for her, the vomiting continued. A few years ago, it got so bad that Gucci ended up staying overnight at the emergency vet, as there was blood in both her vomit and urine – it was terrifying.”

— Stacey, Gucci's fur mama

The emergency vet advised Stacey and Ryan that Gucci had a serious gastrointestinal issue, which had caused her stomach lining to become inflamed, and that this was where the blood had come from.

To help her stomach heal, Gucci was put on a very basic diet of plain boiled chicken, whilst Stacey and Ryan looked for a long-term solution that would be both nutritious and delicious.

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Then there was Lyka!

During their hunt for healthy meal options for Gucci, Stacey and Ryan found Lyka and the world of natural feeding.

“This sounds dramatic, but it’s true – Lyka really changed everything for us! We had resigned ourselves to that fact that we would just have a dog that constantly vomits, but thanks to Lyka, Gucci is a completely different dog!”

— Stacey, Gucci's fur mama

No longer are Ryan and Stacey cleaning up vomit or watching Gucci struggle in pain. Instead, they are enjoying seeing her happy and healthy and loving mealtime.

“She turns the big 10 in January, yet she’s the healthiest and happiest she’s ever been! It really shows what a difference a good diet can make. And she loves her Lyka too, which is a miracle for a fussy Pomeranian. She used to slowly pick at her food and wasn’t ever really interested in it, but she gobbles her Lyka right up! Thanks to Lyka we hope to have many more happy years with Gucci in our lives.”

— Stacey, Gucci's fur mama

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Lyka: complete and balanced for optimal gut health

Does your pup suffer from serious stomach pain and awful bouts of vomiting and diarrhoea, just like Gucci? Lyka’s vet-formulated meals are made using fresh, whole food, human-grade ingredients and high-quality superfoods that are complete and balanced for all life stages. Each meal is lightly cooked to ensure all vital nutrients are retained, and to help with your pup’s gut health and encourage optimal digestion.

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