Psst, guess what… our signature meals are getting chunkier!

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We’re always looking for ways to improve our meals — this time, we’ve been inspired by feedback from our pack!

Nothing else changes — you’ll still receive the same real food recipes. You can expect all the ingredients you know and love, with the same high bar for quality.

What’s changing and why?

At Lyka, we’re always cooking up ways to make sure your pup gets the very best. That’s why our new cooking method gently steams to create a chunkier texture in our meals:

Your dog will get the same nutrients and market-leading proteins, with human-grade cooking and safety standards. Your pup will love this chunky consistency — and it’ll mean less mess plating up at mealtimes!

It’s easy to spot the meals with this change: they’ll be visibly thicker and chunkier.


Texture FAQs

Q. What’s going to be different about my pup’s meals?

A. The texture will be different, which you’ll find easy to spot: the surface of pouches won’t be as smooth. This is because we vacuum seal our meals (just as we’ve always done) to preserve nutrients, textures and flavours — rather than adding preservatives. It also helps you get the most out of your freezer space, as we pack your pup’s food into one tight pouch.

Q. Will you be using the same ingredients?

A. You bet! Nothing changes except our cooking method.

Q. What’s so great about a chunkier texture?

A. Lots of parents have requested this in our community! It’ll mean less mess and easier, tastier mealtimes. Our four-legged family at Lyka have given their licks of approval: it’s a proven fan favourite!

Q. Will this eventually be rolled out across all Lyka recipes?

A. Yes. It’ll take our team some time to transition all of our meals to the new method, so watch this space!

Q. If my dog doesn’t like the new texture, can I get the old Lyka meals?

A. We won’t be able to offer the two textures for the one recipe, however, we recommend reaching out to our Customer Care team as they always have tips and tricks to help your pup during the switch to the new texture.

Q: What are the other benefits of this recipe optimisation?

Steaming reduces the cooking time of our meals — which means less energy usage. That’s right: in addition to being more enjoyable for your pup, it’s even better for the environment!

Q: Are the new and improved meals suitable for puppies?

A: Yes! Though chunkier, our meals will be just as tender as the ones your pup knows and loves. This makes Lyka the perfect choice for growing puppies, and dogs of all life stages.

Q: Will these meals take up more freezer space? 

A: Although serving size and weight stays the same, our chunkier meals might take up a little more room. If you’re working with limited freezer space, try placing your pup’s meals on their sides: or put more pouches in the fridge, where you can safely store them for 7 days. If none of these options work for you, you can always contact us for a custom delivery frequency. 

Lyka freezer storage example

We’d love to hear what you think!

Our Customer Care specialists thrive off the back of customer feedback, and we’re grateful that so many customers shared their thoughts on Lyka’s texture.

If you’re having trouble transitioning your dog to Lyka’s new consistency in the coming months, know that we’re here to help.

Get in touch with our Customer Care Team at or call 1300 851 936.

This article was reviewed by Lyka's veterinary and nutrition experts

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