"Anyone else's fussy pups DEVOURING their new bowls?" Find out why new chunky Lyka is a hit


Does your pup turn their nose up at mealtimes? Have you tried everything to get them to eat with no luck?

It can be tough watching your pup reject their food, especially when you’re doing your best to keep them healthy and happy. 

Lyka’s new gently steamed cooking method creates a chunkier texture that locks in more flavour, which means less fussiness.

Expect all the ingredients you know and love, with the same high bar for quality. Your dog gets the same nutrients and market-leading proteins, with human-grade cooking and safety standards. 

What else is great about a chunkier texture? 

At Lyka, we’re always cooking up ways to make sure your pup gets the very best. 

  • Our new cooking method gently steams to help further improve nutrient retention and maximise the nutritional value of each meal. 

  • It also reduces the cooking time of our meals — which means less energy usage. That’s right: in addition to being more enjoyable for your pup, it’s even better for the environment! 

  • Bigger chunks create less mess and easier, tastier mealtimes. Our four-legged family at Lyka have also given their licks of approval: it’s a proven fan favourite. 

  • Though chunkier, our meals will be just as tender as before. This makes Lyka the perfect choice for growing puppies, and dogs of all life stages.

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