Lyka Story: Meet Stitch, the wonderful whippet

Stitch the whippet sitting on lounge outdoors

When your dog faces health difficulties, it can be difficult to sit back and watch ineffective treatments offer little improvement. When Stitch’s fur mama Eneida noticed that his injections for his stomach problems were causing unwanted side effects, she decided to try Lyka. Now, his stomach is healthier than ever, he’s got more energy and his coat is the talk of the dog park.

Meet Eneida and her friendly pup, Stitch

Stitch is a whippet who loves exploring nature and getting out and about with his fur mama, Eneida. He came into her life through a stroke of luck at the shelter:

“I was looking for a whippet but wanted one from a rescue. I thought, what are the chances a whippet will come into rescue (because they’re so sought after!)? Stitch came online the very next day. I picked him up the day after that – it was love at first sight. He came straight up to me like he knew I had chosen him already!”

– Stitch’s fur mama, Eneida

Stitch the whippet on bed in sun

He turns heads everywhere he goes due to his beautiful coat, and loves cheering up children he meets at the park. His love for exploring and getting involved in nature, while impressive to some, has left Eneida with more than a few funny stories about her adventurous pupper getting a bit carried away:

“Stitch loves Jubilee Park and always heads into the mangroves next to the little beach area. One day he went into the mangroves, and bolted straight out with a fish in his mouth. The funny thing about this was, people assumed he came out of the water and caught a fish. There were “ooo’s” and “aaah’s” and people commenting what a clever hunter he was to have caught a fish in water. I didn’t have the heart to tell them the fish was long dead and found in the mangroves! I had to chase after him and dispose of that nasty fish.”

– Stitch’s fur mama, Eneida

Stitch’s stomach worries

Since Stitch was a pup, he had stomach issues, with uncomfortable gurgling, diarrhoea and vomiting. Eneida took him to multiple vets, who all said he had inflamed bowels and needed regular injections. These injections left poor Stitch feeling drowsy and not himself, so Eneida decided to try a natural vet. After being no closer to a solution following that, a shop assistant at a pet store recommended that she try fresh dog food from Lyka, and according to Eneida that has made all the difference:

“Stitch’s stomach improved within a week after I started feeding Lyka to him. No more diarrhoea, gurgling of the stomach, his poos are fantastic and have little odour”

– Stitch’s fur mama, Eneida

Stitch the whippet sitting on rug

Not only did Stitch’s stomach see benefits, but his coat improved too:

“His wiry coat is now soft! Best thing ever!”

– Stitch’s fur mama, Eneida

Lyka also helped Stitch get back to his normal, energetic self, and Eneida thinks he now has even more energy than he did before the injections:

“He also has way more energy. It’s good to see him bouncing around”

– Stitch’s fur mama, Eneida

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