Lyka Story: how natural feeding helped Gus the staffy and his joint problems

Gus the staffy sitting on outdoor chair

Since Gus was a puppy, he’s suffered from elbow dysplasia, which occurs when the elbow joint doesn’t develop properly. He was in constant pain. After searching for a better diet for her pup, Gus’ fur mama Clare came across Lyka and decided to see if our fresh and healthy food could help to manage his health issue. Since transitioning to Lyka, Gus now has more energy, a softer coat, and was even able to halve his painkiller dose!

Meet Gus, the adorable staffy

Clare has had Gus since he was just eight weeks old, when she took him in from a friend of a friend whose dog had a litter. Since then, he’s been an important part of her family, and offered up plenty of love:

“Gus is incredibly loyal and very in tune with my feelings and emotions. He’s a great hugger. He insists on sleeping in the bed between my husband and I. He hates it if I fall asleep on the couch and will wake me up insisting I go to bed so he can snuggle.”

Gus’ fur mama, Clare

They also have another pup at home named Cody, and even with Gus’ health conditions they like to make sure he doesn’t miss out on any of the fun:

“We had to buy a dog pram so that he could go on every walk our other dog went on but he looks so embarrassed in the pram as if though his staffy street cred has been ruined.”

Gus’ fur mama Clare

Gus’ joint issues

Gus the staffy sleeping on a bed

Gus has suffered from elbow dysplasia in both of his front legs for years, which led to severe pain. By the time he was only two years old, he had gone through three major surgeries, which meant that he had spent a large portion of his puppy years undergoing crate rehabilitation.

By the time he was three years old, Gus also developed arthritis in his front legs, and became lame as a result. He was unable to play or walk, and even had to get a pram so he could join in for outings.

Clare tried several supplements to help improve Gus’ condition, but he still had to take anti-inflammatory medication and opiates to help reduce his symptoms. Then, Clare began to research how Gus’ diet could help, which is when she stumbled across Lyka.

Fresh food to the rescue!

Since starting on Lyka, Clare noticed some immediate changes in Gus:

“We first noticed a change in his energy levels. Then his coat developed a beautiful shine to it and the family was forever petting him because he felt so soft. Then his constant paw licking stopped. His bad gas has also stopped too!”

Gus’ fur mama, Clare

Gus the staffy standing next to Lyka box

Gus was also carrying a bit of extra weight before starting on Lyka, and thanks to our portion control, he’s now been able to shed a couple kilos. The biggest change that Clare has seen in her pup so far is the improvement in his joint pain. She’s even been able to reduce his medication!

“I halved his opiate dose and I’m pleased to say that, so far, Gus is doing great and had no noticeable lameness. I’m thrilled with the results and I’m so grateful. In the years we’ve had Gus, he’s made a huge difference to my own life. I feel I’m repaying him by giving him the very best nutrition I can.”

Gus’ fur mama, Clare

Gus’ recurrent ear infections were also a serious problem before transitioning to fresh food, and Clare is much happier that Gus no longer has to go to the vet every month for them! Since starting on Lyka, Gus has not had a single ear infection, and has been able to avoid surgery to widen his ear canals.

Lyka: great for keeping joints healthy

Lyka is high in omega-3 fatty acids from our ingredients like sardines, which are great for reducing inflammation and keeping joints moving smoothly. Our meals are also custom-sized for your dog, designed based on your pup’s weight, activity levels, body shape and age, which means that your pup gets the right amount of calories and nutrients they need. A healthy weight is a key part of reducing stress on your pupper’s joints, so build your Starter Box today to see how our fresh food can help your dog.

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