Lyka Story: How lightly cooked meals help Grace and Walden’s tummies

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Fiona is a dedicated fur mama to two golden oldies: Grace, who is 14, and Walden, who is 12. She had always fed them a raw-food diet, which she thought was the healthiest option, especially considering that Grace has had severe stomach issues since she was only 1. After seeing numerous vets, holistic and Chinese medicine practitioners, Fiona was still no closer to finding a solution to Grace’s on-again, off-again bouts of sickness and weight loss. Walden had always had a healthy gut, but began to have problems with his raw food much later in life. After years of searching for a solution, Fiona found Lyka, and her pups are back to their healthiest selves.

Meet Fiona and her loving Labradors, Grace and Walden

Fiona has had both of her pups since they were just 8 weeks old, and describes them as oh so different:

“Grace is exceptionally sweet and has always only wanted to please me. Our bond is very strong, and we are rarely apart. Waldy, as his friends know him – we call our bad boy of rock and roll. You name it, he has done it. Only yesterday, I left him inside for half an hour and came back to nutritional yeast all over the kitchen and living room floors. He is extremely naughty, but in equal parts, beautiful.”

— Fiona, fur mama to Grace and Walden

Their different personalities mean that Fiona gets the best of both worlds, with no shortage of funny tales to share:

“Waldy has so many funny stories, I could write a book about his exploits. From eating his new R.M. Williams collar at age six months, to escaping into a creek at the ten months to chase a duck. My poor husband spent about two hours swimming in that creek trying to catch him! Gracie has spent her life being so perfect, that I really have no funny stories as such. Just many, many tales of extreme love and devotion. She has been my constant, my mate, and my very, very best friend.”

— Fiona, fur mama to Grace and Walden

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Fiona’s search for healthy food

Fiona raised both her pups on a raw diet which she prepared herself, feeding pulverised fruits and vegetables, raw meat and bones in an effort to keep Grace’s ongoing stomach issues and reflux under control:

“Since she was about one year old, she has had many digestive issues, which we just could not get to the bottom of. She has been to many vets, holistic and Chinese medicine practitioners, naturopaths, acupuncturists, etc; however, this has been an on again off again problem her entire life.”

— Fiona, fur mama to Grace and Walden

The search for a new diet began around a year ago, when Fiona was struggling to find any food that Grace would eat. She tried special raw foods, cooked foods, roast chicken, sweet potatoes, salmon, eye-fillet steak – even Grace’s favourite sourdough toast. Then, she started looking for someone who prepared fresh, lightly cooked meals with helpful superfoods which could help to soothe Grace’s digestive tract and get her eating again:

“I couldn’t believe it when I found Lyka. The Lyka food sounded so good, and I felt it was perhaps the best chance of getting Grace eating again. Grace took to Lyka immediately, and started eating reliably again.”

— Fiona, fur mama to Grace and Walden

Walden had always had a healthy stomach, and had been able to tolerate raw food along with his habits of sneaking into the kitchen cabinets and eating anything and everything! However, he started to experience issues with his raw diet too, which left him vomiting after meals. He had also suffered from skin allergies and coughing for most of his life, so Fiona decided to see if Lyka could help him too, and immediately, Walden stopped throwing up.

These Labradors are loving Lyka!

Since finding Lyka, Grace and Walden have experienced more benefits than just keeping their meals down:

“Lyka has improved Grace’s quality of life immensely, and I am so very grateful for this high-quality food that is clearly made with such dedication to the health of our loved ones. Lyka is keeping Grace eating, and this is everything. Her coat is also even softer than it was, she seems to have more energy, and she is maintaining her weight well. Within a couple of weeks of being on Lyka, Walden’s itching reduced dramatically, as did his coughing. I was astounded. He also, of course, loves it!”

— Fiona, fur mama to Grace and Walden

For these two senior pups, these health improvements are great to see for Fiona, who can’t get enough of no longer having to spend time in the kitchen preparing their meals:

“Words cannot capture the gratitude I feel to Lyka for being instrumental in keeping my beautiful dogs going. Grace and Walden think they are the bees’ knees now that they also have a food subscription service: they think it is such a win/ win. They get the best possible food, and their Mum gets a well-earned holiday!”

Lyka: complete and balanced food for all life stages

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