Lyka Story: A fresh diet for dogs helps Noodle and Baxter feel younger

Two small dogs sitting with Lyka delivery box

As your pupper gets older, their health and diet requires more special attention. This means ensuring they are getting the healthiest ingredients and nutrients in their diet so you and your pupper can thrive together. Virginia and her two gorgeous yorkies, Noodle and Baxter have shared their positive Lyka journey and their experiences with switching to a fresh diet for dogs.

Meet Virginia and her gorgeous puppers, Noodle and Baxter

Noodle and Baxter moved to Australia 10 years ago from the East Coast of New Zealand.

“Baxter loves bags, any bags from shopping bags to hand bags, he will jump in and make himself at home no matter how big or small the bag is. Noodle loves food and craves a good meal or snack.”

— Virginia, Noodle & Baxter's fur mama

They are both 11 years old and are moving into their golden older years. With old age, Noodle was diagnosed with a heart condition, Cushing’s disease and cancer.

Two small dogs sniffing Lyka delivery

Since making a switch to Lyka, Noodle & Baxter are coping with their health conditions better than Virginia expected!

Supporting senior dogs with health concerns

Noodle and Baxter’s health was the main concern for Virginia, “Noodle and Baxter both suffered bouts of diarrhea and constipation.” Virginia said and this meant their stool was not looking normal. Apart from diarrhea and constipation, Noodle’s heart condition, Cushing’s disease and cancer were health concerns that Virginia wanted to help combat. So she opted for healthier options with Lyka.

Since making the switch to Lyka, she has seen both puppers thrive and Noodle coping with her health conditions better than Virginia had expected. Similarly, Noodle and Baxter are now producing healthier and regular stools. A fresh diet for dogs that is human-grade, lightly cooked with fresh ingredients and no preservatives was exactly what Virginia was looking for. With a relief, Virginia said “I truly don’t think we would be in this position with her if she wasn’t eating Lyka.”

Finding the balance with maintaining weight

Both Noodle and Baxter were having slight issues with maintaining their weight. Noodle, loving food so much, gained weight easily. On the other hand, Baxter was underweight and would easily turn away his dinner. Virginia switched to Lyka in order to help maintain both Noodle and Baxter’s ideal weight, as well as provide them with fresh nutrients.

Since moving to Lyka, Noodle has lost weight while simply eating two Lyka meals a day. Similarly, Baxter now eats two meals a day, twice the amount recommended for his weight, and has gained weight whilst also increasing his nutrient levels. Now with their new and improved diets, both Noodle and Baxter have transformed into more energetic and healthier dogs.

Thrive with Lyka

Your pupper deserves only the best, real food ingredients to help them thrive in life every day. That’s why our recipes are carefully crafted to provide the optimal balance of natural nutrients, for their health to thrive. Give our sampler box a go and see your pupper’s overall health improve!

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