Long walks and lots of love: how dogs change us for good


Our dogs fill our days with bright little moments, but these go beyond the smiles they put on our faces. If you’ve brought a furry addition into the family, you’ll know how much they change your life.

Whether it’s giving belly rubs (which happen to lower blood pressure) or being proud of your pup’s poos, there’s no doubt dogs change our perspective on life more broadly — while bringing our packs closer together.

3 ways our pups change us

Dogs are content living fully in the moment — this effect rubs off on parents, with pups leading by example and showing us what it means to live a contented life.

There’s a reason behind dogs’ ability to remain present: they have a smaller frontal lobe (the part of the brain responsible for thinking, memory, attention and judgement). Theirs is about a third of the size of ours!

With your pup by your side, do you feel like you can tackle anything and everything? Us too.

You do everything you can to give your dog the very best

Just ask our pack of passionate pupper parents! We asked our Lyka Facebook group members to finish the sentence: “I love my dog so much I…”

  • “Base all of my annual leave around attending dog agility and scent work trials.” — Leith, fur papa to Ferris

  • “Made sure there was a good dog school in the area before we decided where to move.” — Hildrun, fur mama to Gracie, Sylvester and Benny

  • “Need to check he’s breathing every time he sleeps.” — Lucius, fur mama to Pepper

  • “Might as well have given birth to them myself.” — Gloria, fur mama to Donovan and Dixie

Angela loved her pups so much she invested in a swimming pool just so they had somewhere to paddle and play. If you resonate with this level of pupper love, welcome to the fold!

You learn to prioritise prevention over reactive treatment

It’s hard seeing your loved ones in pain. Preventative nutrition can help to extend your dog’s health span, as it can minimise their likelihood of future health issues. By addressing the root cause of illness rather than simply its signs, you can boost the health of your pup overall.

You want all dogs to thrive, just like yours

There’s nothing better than seeing your best friend thrive! Once you start seeing the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and diet (think shinier coat, brighter eyes, and leaps, zoomies and bounds), it’s natural to want to spread the good word. This could mean sharing tips and tricks with other parents in our Facebook community, or explaining to new Lyka customers that that blue spot in our Lamb Bowl isn’t mould… it’s a blueberry, grown by a hardworking father-son duo in Coffs Harbour!

Our community are just as passionate as we are — making sure no puppers get left behind.

Ready to fuel your friendship with quality wholefoods?

A nutritious diet supports your dog with every meal, helping them to get the most out of life: and their friendship with you. Fresh foods have benefits for your dog’s social behaviour, mental health, brain-gut link and more.

It’s the comfort in knowing your best friend is getting the best — with human-grade, science-backed wholefoods, formulated for health from snoot to tail.

Need a sniff of approval?

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Give your pupper a tongue-tingling taste test of your choice of recipes before you commit to a customised, regular plan.

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