From snoot to tail: a tour of your dog’s anatomy

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Ever wondered why your pup has bad breath? Or how to stop them from itching?

Think of your pup’s body as an ecosystem, where all parts work together to build a healthy whole. This concept is known as holistic wellness.

Three key pillars embody health at Lyka: shared wellness, nutrition, and the pride of being a pupper parent.

Integrate these small daily changes to help guide your pup’s journey towards a long and vibrant life.

Nurturing your pupper’s wellness

What does wellness look like, and can it be shared?

To answer these questions, we spoke to Anna — Lyka’s CEO and founder. Here’s what she had to say.

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This includes the benefits of consuming wholefoods, minimising exposure to harmful chemicals, increasing physical activity, and managing stress levels. By recognising these shared principles, we can promote healthier habits that benefit both humans and dogs.”

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For Anna and her pupper (the original Lyka), shared wellness is about creating a healthy living environment.

“We exclusively use natural cleaning products and avoid air fresheners. We also enjoy exploring the outdoors together and prioritise weekend hikes to stay active and engage with nature.

“While I am still working through my fear of needles, I’m fascinated by the benefits of acupuncture. I’m excited to eventually incorporate it into my health routine, just as Lyka enjoys the monthly benefits of this holistic treatment.

“Recently, I’ve been exploring the potential benefits of NAD+ supplementation for cell regeneration and health. It’s exciting to see that this holds true for both dogs and humans!”

Fuelling healthy dogs through nutrition

For a long time, many of us believed kibble was the safest and healthiest choice for our puppers. While we can’t change the past, we can choose to educate ourselves on nutrition — helping to make the best decisions possible for our pups today.

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  • Content and clever pups have a healthy gut-brain axis, by eating foods rich in Vitamin B12, zinc and niacin. Chia seeds and kangaroo are chock-full of zinc; while lamb is packed with Vitamin B12\. Manganese is also key in neurological function and can be found in quinoa and raspberries.

  • For a lustrous coat and itch-free skin, feed the correct ratio of Omega-3’s and 6’s. This is found in ingredients like hemp seeds, sardines and blue grenadier fish.

  • For smooth joints with no pain in old age, your pupper needs essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. For senior, active or larger dogs, arthritis is more common. This is where they can benefit from ingredients like turmeric, ginger and blueberries which have anti-inflammatory properties!

  • For clear eyesight, make sure your pup gets enough Vitamin A (found in basil, blueberries, bok choy and carrots) and Vitamin E.

  • For optimal cardiovascular health, Omega-3’s, Vitamin E and antioxidants are a must. There are lots of antioxidants in green cabbage, mushrooms, kale, ginger, beetroot powder (not to be confused with beet pulp, a common filler used in dry food) and butternut squash.

  • For a balanced gut microbiome and better digestion and behaviour, feed ingredients like psyllium husk and sweet potato.

Pupper proud moments make life worth living

When thinking of your pupper, which moments come to mind? We’re talking about your daily rituals together; the ones that might seem a little over-the-top to anyone else.

“One of my favourite rituals is sharing a bit of my morning green smoothie with Lyka. The smoothie is packed with nutrient-rich ingredients such as spinach, banana, coconut yoghurt, superfoods like maca and chia seeds, as well as Chinese herbs. Whenever I make it, she gets a small serving in her bowl and gets to enjoy licking the remnants from my smoothie glass.” — Anna Podolsky

Pupper pride is the honour of making healthy choices on their behalf, knowing you’d do anything for that wagging tail. Here are a few other pupper proud moments you might recognise.

Pupper proud checklist

Fuss-free mealtimes and better health outcomes with Lyka

Our vet-formulated recipes are designed for optimal health — meeting AAFCO and FEDIAF standards. Meal plans are customised to the needs of your pupper, factoring in their size, breed and health requirements.

If you’d like to spend more quality time with your pupper rather than hours in the kitchen weighing out ingredients, we’re here to serve you. Lyka pupper parents know there’s no such thing as caring too much: join our pack today.

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