Celtic Sea Salt: a mineral-rich ingredient for your dog

Celtic Sea Salt

Salt has played no small part in human history. It was one of the first commodities to be traded by ancient civilisations and has been used to enhance the flavour of our food for thousands of years. Today, even our dogs can enjoy the goodness of this mineral-rich ingredient. Not all salt is created equal though – which is why we only use high-quality Celtic Sea Salt, which not only tastes great, but also provides important health benefits for your dog.

Why is Celtic Sea Salt good for your pup?

Celtic Sea Salt is unbleached and unrefined, and helps to regulate blood pressure and fight adrenal fatigue. Hand-harvested, Celtic Sea Salt contains a higher amount of essential trace minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron, compared with table salt.

Each of these minerals plays a vital role in your dog's health:

  • Calcium is important for bone health and development

  • Potassium helps regulate fluid balance as well as heart and muscle contractions

  • Magnesium is a key nutrient that’s needed for muscle movement and nervous system signalling

  • Iron helps our pups’ bodies make the haemoglobin they need for healthy red blood cells

Celtic Sea Salt also has a lower amount of sodium chloride than table salt. This is great news for your dog’s health. While their body needs sodium for many essential functions like regulating blood pressure and transmitting nerve signals, excessive amounts can be dangerous if they’re dehydrated. Unfortunately, because pet food industry regulators don’t give guidance on maximum salt content, many commercial dog foods tend to use high amounts of sodium chloride. At Lyka, your dog’s wellbeing is our top priority. We keep sodium levels in check and ensure our meals have high moisture levels, keeping your messy muncher happy and hydrated.

Lyka: nutritionally balanced for all life stages

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