Made for the golden oldies

Senior Multi

Senior support

Targeted support curated for common age-related complaints including mobility, gut and immune health and dental health issues.

What's in the box?

Our Lyka Supplements use high potency active ingredients and are free from artificial colours, which means there will be natural and seasonal variations, and each batch may look slightly different.

How to serve
Serve as a snack sized bite or crumble over their meal for a tasty & healthy topper.

Pupper weight

Recommended daily dose

4kgs and below

½ bite

5 - 20kgs

1 bite

21kgs and over

2 bites

Pupper Supps are intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only. Pupper Supps have been designed to work individually but also to have an enhanced impact when used together. When feeding more than one variety of Pupper Supps, we recommend alternating varieties each day. This pulse feeding approach helps to maximise your puppers response to each dosage.

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