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Did you know that over 80% of dogs can experience health issues like dental disease, skin itchiness and anxiety in their lifetime, with a growing number suffering from more than one?  

Cue Lyka Supplements — a targeted and preventative approach to healthcare for your dog. 

Formulated by a team of board-certified veterinary nutritionists, alongside Co-founder and Integrative Veterinarian, Dr. Matthew Muir, Lyka Supplements amplify the benefits of Lyka meals with high potency active ingredients targeted at common health concerns.  

These ingredients are combined with highly palatable ingredients for an effective and delicious supplement your dog will love.  

Lyka Pupper Supps

Why does my dog need supplements? 

Lyka meals go above and beyond the nutritional requirements for dogs, but some need extra functional support to help with existing conditions. Additional nutrients found in Lyka Supplements provide support to help the body’s natural resilience against specific health challenges in order to maximise targeted health outcomes. 

They can also be given to healthy dogs as a long-term, preventative method of addressing predisposed health concerns connected to their breed and lifestyle. 

How are Lyka Supplements different to other supplements? 

Lyka Supplements are made from 100% human-grade ingredients. They’re free from refined carbohydrates and artificial flavours. 

Just like Lyka’s Meal and Treat lineups, every active ingredient has been handpicked by experts for its benefits to your dog.  

With five signature supplements on offer, pup parents have access to a broad range of options to create a Lyka Supplements experience that best suits their dog’s needs: 

  • Skin: Rejuvenates skin, coat & nails 

  • Dental: Protects teeth and gums 

  • Calm: Cultivates calmness 

  • Digestion: Boosts gut health 

  • Joint: Promotes mobility 

Available to Lyka subscribers. 

How do Lyka Supplements and Lyka Meals work together? 

While Lyka meals are powerful on their own, Lyka Supplements offer an extra health boost for targeted and preventative care. 

Here’s an example of how meals and supplements work together to enhance skin benefits: 

Lyka meals contain significantly higher levels of omega-3 when compared to the AAFCO minimum standard. Omega-3 fatty acids reduce inflammation, which helps to soothe irritated skin, reduce itchiness and promotes shinier coats. All Lyka meals contain appropriate levels of vitamin E for optimal omega-3 utilisation. 

Our Skin Supplement amplifies these benefits through high potency active ingredients like Burdock root extract, Curcumin, and Lactobacillus rhamnosus. These active ingredients not only boost the existing benefits in our meals, but they also improve skin resistance against allergens, and repair skin barrier function— ideal for dogs in need of additional skin health assistance, or healthy dogs predisposed to skin, coat and nail issues.  

How should I feed Lyka Supplements?  

If your dog needs support with a specific health concern, we recommend daily feeding of one specific supplement. 

If they are generally healthy or have multiple health concerns, try pulse feeding using one of our curated multipacks. Maximise the benefits of Lyka Multis by serving a different supplement each day. Continue rotating between them to give your dog cross-over benefits from consuming a spectrum of active ingredients.  

While each one offers its own significant health benefits, try using Lyka curated multipacks to create a customised system for your dog: 

 Lyka Supplements come as part of your Meals subscription, making them super convenient to introduce into your feeding routine. 

Top tip: Supplements can be fed by themselves or as a meal topper for a nutritious boost they’ll love. 

Need a hand choosing which Supplements are right for your pup or have questions on pulse feeding? Our Customer Care Specialists are here to chat through any questions. 

How do I store Lyka Supplements? 

Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight to maintain their chewy texture. Avoid keeping them in the fridge or freezer, as this can make them excessively hard and difficult for your dog to eat. 

Encourage a daily feeding routine by keeping them in a visible area like your treats box or on the kitchen counter for peak effectiveness.  

When will I see results? 

Lyka Supplements are intended to be administered on a daily ongoing basis to ensure your dog receives the complete and consistent benefits of each powerful ingredient. 

When you can expect to see changes in your pup: 

  • Skin Supplement: After 6-8 weeks of daily use 

  • Dental Supplement: After 4-6 weeks of daily use 

  • Calm Supplement: After 6-8 weeks of daily use 

  • Digestion Supplement: After 4-6 weeks of daily use 

  • Joint Supplement: After 4-6 weeks of daily use 


Please note that Lyka supplements are not a replacement for discussing the best available individualised care for your dog. If your vet wishes to learn more about our Supplements range, they can reach out to our Customer Care team.*

This article was reviewed by Lyka's veterinary and nutrition experts

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