Here’s how we’re raising the bar for pups on Lyka

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Our pups deserve a full life — and this starts with a fresh bowl of food.

Diet has a direct impact on our overall health and wellbeing. Like us, dogs need wholefoods to be at their best.

This is why we have uncompromising standards at Lyka: with hand-picked ingredients forming the basis of your dog’s meals. We’re always looking for ways to strike the perfect balance between quality and affordability, but one thing’s for sure — we put your pup first every time.

On-demand vet expertise

We all want to give our pups long, healthy and happy lives: if only we could control the future. What we can do is take a preventative approach together. As dog lovers ourselves, we’ll go above and beyond to help your pup in any way we can.

If you’re worried or unsure about your dog’s health in any aspect, our customer care team are available over email, social media or phone — working from dog-friendly offices, right here in Australia.

For extra support during your initial transition to Lyka, our veterinary professionals can walk you through and troubleshoot each stage. Book a session via our Wellness Hotline and we’ll handle the rest!

Food so good, we’d eat it ourselves

Do you shudder at the thought of eating your dog’s food? No wonder. Some commercial pet food companies are known to cut corners, using refined carbohydrates, meat from unverified sources, artificial preservatives and other less valuable ingredients.

Every Lyka meal is prepared with love by trained food and hospitality professionals (including ex-chefs) in our kitchens. Our chefs adhere to strict food safety standards, and we share suppliers with some of Australia’s top restaurants and supermarkets. We even taste our new recipes ourselves!

They’re jam-packed with a balanced mix of protein, superfoods and fibrous veggies, sustainably sourced from local ethical farms and distributors. Our human-grade meals are cooked at low temperatures, making them easier to digest while killing any bacteria or pathogens found in raw meat.

There’s no “one size fits all” solution to health concerns at Lyka. We take the time to understand your dog’s activity levels and more, making research-backed adjustments where every ingredient serves a clear purpose.

Our algorithm develops custom meal plans with portion sizes tailored to their ideal weight, so you never have to worry about serving up the wrong amount.

Flexible to fit your schedule

Feeding your pup isn’t something you should have to stress about. Once you set up your account with us, you’ll receive your delivery without a hitch — every single time.

Here are a few questions we hear from customers on the topic of delivery:

  • What subscriptions do you offer?

We offer two plans: the half bowl and the full bowl. The half bowl covers 50% of your dog’s dietary needs, meaning you’d feed half a pouch per day, serving it with half of their usual food. The full bowl is designed to cater to 100% of your pup’s diet.

  • Do you do samples?

Unfortunately, we don’t. If you’d like to try us out before committing, we do have a starter box built around your dog’s age, breed and health needs. They’ll get to trial a selection of our recipes, giving their stomach time to adjust to the new food over a few days.

  • Can I get my delivery at a specific time?

While we can’t request a specific delivery time from the couriers, you’ll receive a confirmation text message the night before with a 2-hour estimate of when to expect your Lyka box.

If your delivery day no longer works for you, our customer care team can always move it to another time slot between 8am-6pm or 12am-7am.

  • Can I purchase a one-off box?

When you purchase your first Lyka box, this automatically lines up future deliveries. We’d never lock you into anything, though — you’ve always got the freedom to skip, change or cancel deliveries at any time. You can also opt for larger deliveries less often (if you’ve got the freezer space!).

If you’d like to receive just one box, you can log into your account and cancel your subscription before your next delivery arrives. Navigate to the “Profile” page and click “Edit Plan”, followed by “Cancel my Plan”. Make sure you hit save!

  • Will my dog still see benefits if I choose the half bowl?

Incorporating even some fresh food into your pup’s diet has a positive impact. Try our half bowl option: whether you mix Lyka in with other food or feed one in the morning and the other at night.

Waste-free packaging with every box

The contents of our Lyka boxes are designed to be reused, and our customers get pretty creative with their repurposing!

To give you some inspiration, here are a few ideas shared in Lyka’s pupper parent Facebook group — a community for exclusive insights on all things related to nutrition.

  • Our cardboard boxes are recyclable and super-strong: if you’re moving house, save them up as they could come in handy. The box’s insulation works a treat too, for extra padding to protect fragile items like kitchenware.

  • Many customers use their wool insulation for gardening, composting or worm farms. Some place it in the soil of their pot plants for additional moisture!

  • If your dog’s bed needs a little extra padding, why not lay down your box’s insulation?

Recently, we introduced a new bioplastic packaging for our meals. Along with our community, we’re the first in Australia to use this material for vacuum-packed food!

More and more, we’re putting our pups first

It’s no secret: Australia is a nation of dog lovers. 7 in 10 of us have pets —with 48% of this cohort welcoming dogs into their home. Pet parents are most likely to be under 25 or 45-54, with younger generations putting their budget towards dog food or accessories and the older age group spending more on medication.

This signifies a major shift — where as a collective, we take a proactive approach to our pet’s wellness. While diet alone can’t guarantee that our pups won’t need medication later in life, it’s a great place to start.

“Maisy had terrible allergies and a sensitive belly… she would barely eat. I spent so much money on prescription diets and eight months trialling food and vets. Since being on Lyka, Maisy has thrived! Her coat is amazing and she hardly sheds.” — Rachel, Maisy’s fur mama

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