Egg: a protein-rich snack for your dog


Eggs are amazing nuggets of nutrition! Packed into that shell is a complex mix of protein, fatty acids, essential vitamins and minerals – all ready to pass on their benefits to our puppers! Let’s crack open an egg and look inside:

Why eggs are great for your dog:

  1. Protein. Eggs are one of the most complete sources of essential amino acids, the building blocks of protein, that are crucial for cellular growth and repair. Like us, pups need protein to form new skin cells, grow hair and build and repair muscle. It’s needed for almost every process in the body. Enzymes, hormones and the immune system – they all depend on protein. For some of the amino acids that dogs require, they can synthesise them themselves, but the rest have to come from their food – and eggs are a great source!

  2. Choline. Eggs are a source of choline, a nutrient that forms a part of the membranes that surround cells, and is also used to make nerve chemicals, acetylcholine and dopamine, that are essential for normal brain function. In fact, because of its brain benefits, choline is sometimes used to help treat canine seizures and cognitive disorders. It’s good to know eggs may be helping our puppers stay bright and alert!

  3. Selenium. A trace mineral, selenium is one of those nutrients that are needed in small doses but are essential to health. It’s needed for the immune system to function correctly and the thyroid gland too. Selenium is starting to gather interest for other potential roles, including anticancer properties and joint health.

  4. Bone builders. While de-sexing your puppies has many benefits, the fall in sex hormones has been accompanied by a subsequent loss of bone mass in some studies. There is evidence that eggs promote healthy bone formation in dogs who have been desexed, which helps keep development on track at such a critical age.

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