Travelling with your dog: 3 tips for a successful car trip

Woman and dog in car boot on beach

Road tripping with your best pal is always a great idea.

If you’ve got plans to hit the road and explore, it goes without saying that your pup is joining you on the adventure. But before you pack the esky and hit the road, there are a few things to consider first.

Keep tails wagging with these tips for a successful car trip with your dog.

1. Teach your dog to love the car

Teaching a puppy to enjoy car trips will always be easier, but don’t be deterred if your dog is older. The best way to teach an adult dog is to take it step-by-step. Start by encouraging your dog into the car and rewarding them with a toy or treat.

You don’t even have to leave the driveway on the first occasion. Keep practicing, bit by bit, taking your dog for progressively longer drives. Introducing your dog slowly and with care will make them far more relaxed and even excited to travel in a car.

2. Keep your pupper safe with the right equipment

Safety first! It’s important that you use a safety harness, barrier or carrier for your dog every time your pup’s in the car. Car restraints ensure your dog stays secure, especially if you have to stop suddenly or there is an accident.

Car safety equipment for dogs also helps to prevent an unrestrained dog from wandering and moving around the vehicle. This can also be distracting and dangerous for the driver and other passengers.

When it comes to the actual trip, be mindful of dogs and open windows. We’ve all seen dogs hanging out in the breeze with the wind flapping in their ears and tongues wagging, but debris, dust and dirt have the possibility of hitting their eyes, ears or face. Always keep the window down in a way that enables good ventilation while keeping your dog safe.

3. Avoid motion sickness

Typically, puppies are more likely to experience motion sickness than adult dogs. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t happen to an older dog. To put this to the test, give a short practice drive a go before the actual trip.

Other ways to help minimise any negative reactions in the car include:

  • Keeping the temperature cool

  • Have fresh air whenever possible

  • Limit their food and water before the car ride

  • Exercise with your dog before their trip

In most instances, taking these precautions helps to keep your dog happy and calm. However, if they continue to experience sickness or anxiety, consult your vet for anti-anxiety or motion sickness medications.

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