Sydney’s very own dog-friendly bush walk
Two Creeks Track is an underrated yet gorgeous dog friendly hike in Sydney

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News just in: team Lyka has discovered a cheeky (and underrated) dog-friendly hike in Sydney that you may not know about. Yes, it turns out Sydney does have it’s very own dog-friendly bush walk. Two Creeks Track is in Middle Harbour, a short 15 minutes from the city, but trust us, you and pupper will feel like you’re in the middle of the Australian bush.

Dogs aren’t allowed in any of our Australian national parks, and part of the Two Creek Track does go through Garigal National Park. So unfortunately, there is a section of this track that is a strict no-go for pupper. However, you and your dog have access to over 4km in track, which can easily be made into an 8km return hike.

There are frequent gullies, moderate elevation changes, and many cobble-stone steps make this a beautiful and heart-pumping hike from which both of you will get a great workout . The best part? This track is right beside the national park, so you still get to experience that raw, Australian natural beauty. It even gives the Spit to Manly walk a run for it’s money.

There are many entry points to the track, which makes this hike flexible to suit any need or distance. The dog friendly two creeks track in sydney
Here’s our suggested itinerary to make the most of the Two Creek Track with your dog.

  • Kick off your hike at Echo Point Park. There are plenty of parking spots if you’re driving in
  • Head towards to intersection, with the creek on your right, and walk down the concrete steps. You’ve made it onto the official Two Creeks Track!
  • Follow the creek along Middle Harbour. You’ll see some cute wooden bridges, rock overhangs and gorgeous ferns and mangroves along the way.
  • Eventually you’ll hit the Garigal National Park sign. This is your sign to turn right around and head along the same track for your return journey

Want to make a day out of it? We recommend having a Rose and barbecue at Echo Point Park before our after your hike. We hear it’s a pretty rad spot for sunsets watching (even pupper will agree if it means more time near the barbecues!).

Author: Anna Podolsky

About the author: Anna has been an animal lover since she can remember. She loves dog and cats of all shapes and sizes, but has a soft spot for Border Collies. In her spare time she can be found running with her dog, at the beach with her dog, or brunching, you guessed it, with her dog. We should mention: her dog is the original Lyka.