Our Vision
At Lyka, we seek to improve the longevity and wellbeing of our pets by providing pet foods that are based on high quality, and minimally processed wholefoods.
What does Redefining Pet Food mean to us?
pet nutrition
Our role as part of the pet food industry is to educate owners to better understand pet nutrition and equip them to make informed decisions about what they feed there pets, and how it impacts their pets’ health.
We don’t want to keep any secrets. We are fully transparent and want owners to know every ingredient in our food, where it came from, how it got there and why they are feeding it to their dog.
We use recyclable or biodegradable packaging wherever possible. We help to reduce food wastage by using “ugly food” that would otherwise be discarded because it’s not pretty enough to end up in stores.
our pack
We aim to grow and connect our community of pet owners, passionate about living a healthy lifestyle with their pets. We are also strong supporters of rescue shelters, as well as involving dogs in our communities.
Who is Lyka anyway?

Lyka, a Border Collie cross, was born and raised in Brisbane. She then went on to live in Chile, Argentina, Brazil and USA, before coming back home to Australia. Other than travelling, Lyka’s hobbies include long hikes, swims at the beach and chasing the ball.


After Lyka experienced health issues while being fed commercial food, Lyka’s owner searched for healthier and fresher pet food. Frustrated with the lack of healthy and convenient options, she decided to take things into her own hands. Lyka’s owner hopes that Lyka Pet Food helps pets all over Australia stay healthy and happy, like it has for Lyka, to maximize the irreplaceable cuddles, walks and plays with our beloved pets.