We do dog food differently.

Tested on humans (that’s us!) we set the bar high, with all of our ingredients made for human consumption – we even share suppliers with some of the country’s top restaurants!

We care about where our ingredients come from and we source locally where possible, with 85-95% of each recipe made from Australian ingredients. We’re also proud to use only wild-caught, grass-fed and free-roam proteins.

We work with leading holistic vets, as well as a veterinary nutritionist, combining the best of natural medicine and scientific research to help optimise your pup’s health for a longer, happier life.

We say no to high-temperature processing, lightly cooking all of our recipes below 90°C to help preserve the nutrients your pup needs to thrive, and allow their body to absorb as much of the goodness as possible.

A dog holding a Lyka Free range chow chompin' chicken bowl pack in his mouth
A dog eating Lyka food

Light on the cooking,
heavy on the nourishment .

Raw Lyka Air or Freeze Dried Canned Kibble

Every recipe formulation is heavily researched by our team.

Lyka is co-founded by Dr. Matthew Muir, an Integrative Vet who is passionate about the health and wellbeing of pups, dedicating his time to helping create human-grade recipes that not only taste great, but give your pupper the chance to live their best life.

Based on scientific research, longstanding evidence and advice from top nutritionists and holistic veterinarians, our food is species appropriate, containing a mix of high protein, a moderate fat content and low GI carbohydrates. Dr. Matthew Muir works alongside a veterinary nutritionist and follows AAFCO and FEDIAF guidelines to ensure our recipes are suitable for all life stages.

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Behind the scenes
in our Sydney kitchen

From the cooking of the recipes to the packing of our signature Lyka boxes, every single Lyka meal is prepared with love by trained food and hospitality professionals, including ex-chefs, in our human-grade kitchen in Sydney, NSW. The team is so dedicated, they even taste test the recipes themselves!

We’re proudly Australian
owned and made

Aussie ingredients

We are passionate about supporting local farmers, with quality, taste and nutrition at the forefront of everything we do, so it makes sense for each recipe to contain 85-95% Australian ingredients.

Aussie made

Our recipes are made in small batches using whole food ingredients, with all of our meat sourced from Australian farmers. Our dedicated team ensures that the formulation of our recipes not only pack a nutritional punch, but also pass the taste bud tingle test.

Aussie owned

Brought to life by our founder, Anna Podolsky and co-founder Dr. Matthew Muir, Lyka Pet Food is the result of Anna’s experience and health journey with her pup, Lyka. Put simply, we are 100% Australian owned and operated.

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