Lyka story: Richard’s homemade meals made easy
Richard has never been healthier since starting the Lyka diet

Lyka: Redefining Pet Food


With many dogs experiencing health issues while eating commercial food, owners are turning away from legacy dog foods and instead are cooking for their dogs. Although the health benefits the dog’s experience are significant, it’s not always possible to fit the meal preparation into a busy schedule, as Sarah experienced with her dog, Richard.

Meet Sarah and her loyal companion, Richard

Sarah has a cute 12-year-old mixed-breed called Richard as her furry four-legged friend. One thing that stands out about Richard when you meet him is his unique sixth sense. “He knows exactly when your next move is, and getting directly in the way,” says Sarah, a Sydneysider.

In the past, Sarah used to spend her time cooking in bulk for Richard. Richard is prone to bouts of pancreatitis when fed commercial dog food, and therefore he requires a freshly cooked diet for his health. But it hasn’t always been easy for Sarah to consistently provide Richard homemade meals.

The challenge in making home cooked dog food

Homemade dog food requires forward-thinking and organisation to plan and prepare, and hence it is usually easier to cook large batches and freeze portions for future use. Sarah found it challenging to follow such a time-consuming cooking routine. “I used to cook Richard’s meals in bulk batches and froze them, but often ran out at the most inconvenient times,” says Sarah.

Sarah remembers the days when she spent a lot of time shopping for the ingredients, cooking up large batches of meat, pureeing vegetables, adding supplements, cleaning up, and the list goes on. “Often I would run out of meals, and maybe not have the time to cook for a week or so,” says Sarah. This was when she didn’t have the choice but fed Richard with commercial dog food, after which Richard would like clock-work, stretch in discomfort and get diarrhea. 

Saving time without compromising quality

Things started to change when Sarah heard about Lyka through her vet (All Natural Vet Care). After visiting Lyka’s website, she was impressed with the ingredients, which were very similar to what she was cooking.  “The set up was easy, and the price was fair,” Sarah says. “I decided to give it a try and am so pleased I did.”… “Richard has never been healther”

Sarah is also happy that she doesn’t spend any more money than she did previously, and that’s not factoring in her time. “Since being on Lyka Chicken and Beef bowls, he hasn’t had a single flare up. No funky poo bags has been a major plus too,” says Sarah, “Richard is also a little prone to over eating but sticking with his Lyka meals and a couple of treats on top, he’s the perfect weight.”

Lyka, your fresh dog food subscription

Lyka is built on the premise that dogs deserve the best quality of life. They are disrupting the pet food industry through their 100% wholefood meal subscription. Lyka makes natural feeding easy through convenient deliveries and tailored portions for your individual dog.

Ready to improve your dog’s nutrition in an easy way? Kick start your dog’s healthy eating plans with a 7-day Lyka trial box and spend less time in the kitchen, and more time with your dogs!

Author: Febe Haryanto

Febe has been part of Team Lyka since day 1. She is passionate about healthy cooking, especially healthy cooking for dogs. Febe believes dogs, #lykahuman, deserve the healthiest and happiest life, which starts with the right diet. She is studying entrepreneurship and sustainability and aspires to help start-ups be socially and environmentally sustainable. In her spare time, Febe enjoys cooking, reading and travelling to explore new places and cultures. Febe’s good boy is handsome Asterix.