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Keeping your senior pupper excited at dinner time can be a challenge, especially if they’ve been a fussy eater since a young age. As a dog ages, their appetite decreases and they lose their sense of taste and smell, so it is not uncommon to see our golden oldies turn their nose up on food Continue reading

“The benefit that I experienced was the content in seeing Donnie transform. I found amazing progress after [Donnie started] eating Lyka foods”, Eryn said. “This is an experience that I would’ve never expected, and I’m grateful to have this product have a life-changing benefit for Donnie”.

“Since being on Lyka Chicken and Beef bowls, he hasn’t had a single flare up. No funky poo bags has been a major plus too,” says Sarah, “Richard is also a little prone to over eating but sticking with his Lyka meals and a couple of treats on top, he’s the perfect weight.”